Trip to Australia

Last week my cousin and I embarked on one of our biggest trips, to Melbourne, Australia! The reason for this trip was quite a special one. We were heading out to surprise our youngest cousin, for her 21st birthday, and boy was it a surprise! How we managed to keep it quiet and off social media for 3 months, I have no idea, but I’m so glad we did!

A lot of people told us we were crazy to be going for just a week, but it was the best week ever. The flight was long, yes, but we were lucky enough to be on a brand new and very spacious plane both there and back. We were prepared with snacks and books, as well as thankful for our short stop at Dubai, somewhere I definitely want to go back to, so we could stretch our legs and do a spot of duty free shopping – or in my case, finding some extremely yummy medjool dates to munch on!!

Once we landed in Melbourne, we headed to the hotel and met my aunt and uncle, who’d arrived a few days before us. Excitement was growing and with jet lag being non existent, we forced ourselves to bed, ready for the next exciting day!
The next morning, we made our way down to breakfast, after an ‘all clear’ texts, from my uncle. As we walked around the corner, she spotted us and immediately her mouth dropped to the floor. Her face will be forever engraved in my mind, it was a very special moment – one I’m sure none of us will forget! Tears and laughter shortly followed and then the big catch up began!!!
The rest of the day was spent touring Melbourne city, riding the tram, sightseeing, drinking very good coffee, taking endless selfies, laughing and chatting away to each other!

That’s also how the first half of the week panned out. We stayed in Melbourne for a few more nights, ate at some very good restaurants, experienced the city at night from a sky deck on the 89th floor, spent the afternoon at the beach, saw penguins at sunset, took a day trip to Sorrento (down the coast) and celebrated her 21st with lots of champagne, presents and cake – that lasted the week!
For the second half of the week, we made our way down the coast to Apollo bay, located along The Great Ocean Road.


Here we were able to enjoy the beach, sea, eat fresh fish, drive further along the coast to see wild koalas, explore more towns, sight see, visit a rainforest and on our last morning, enjoy a beautiful sunrise.


We couldn’t believe the week had gone so quick or how much we had managed to pack in. On the way back to Melbourne, we popped into Melbourne zoo, as we had the day to kill before our flight back that night. This was a fun experience, seeing many animals and enjoying the sunshine all before a very teary goodbye. Everyone is very excited for June, when they return, and a big family gathering will take place. I know my parents and grandmother are extremely excited to see them.

Thinking back and having said it to myself, and other people, I can’t believe I have been to the other side of the world and back in one week! It definitely didn’t feel like a short/rushed trip one bit and we enjoyed every second we were out there.
I definitely have the travel bug now and can’t wait to plan my next trip…watch this space!

Until next time…

Emma xx



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