5K fun run for Great Ormond Street Hospital 

Last Sunday I participated in a 5K fun run with my aunt, cousins, mum, step uncle and grandma. It was held at the Olympic park, on the other side of London, the perfect place for it!

We were up early and arrived in plenty of time to meet the rest of the family, be there for the warm up and find the start line. My 2 cousins and I decided to run the course, whilst the others walked it. I wasn’t out to beat my personal best or set a new record, as I had my nearly 10 year old cousin with a heart defect, running beside me. I couldn’t believe that she wanted to run, but had every ounce of faith in her, that she could do it.

We were the second wave to leave and after a small countdown, we were off. I followed my cousins lead and told her that we could walk whenever she wanted. Looking back, this was actually great training for me, and with only 2 short walks and a sprint finish, we completing the run in 36 minutes! I cannot express how extremely proud I am of her, and my other cousin, for running it.











When we had all finished, we congregated by the finish line and had a little catch up before heading our separate ways. We were all desperate for the loo, snacks and coffee (!) plus the yummy roast that was waiting at home, being cooked by my amazing dad!


Overall, it was a fantastic day to raise money for an amazing hospital! The event was so well organized and the volunteers were very supportive, friendly and very helpful. We can’t wait to do it again next year!!!

Emma xx



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