Bank holiday weekend and May Day fun run 

I have to admit, I have waiting for this long weekend since I got back from Australia! The moment I landed, my feet have not stopped and I was getting to the point where a few days rest was well required.

The long weekend started with dinner out and a well needed catch up with a friend on Friday, followed by the next few days spent running a few errands, sorting stuff in the house, sitting in the garden enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, coffee dates, movies in bed, spontaneous tea and cake with Granny, and a May Day fun run. I hadn’t banked on taking part in a run, but I saw it advertised online and thought it would be a good challenge and something fun to do, especially as I’m only 2 weeks away from my first 10k!

The race didn’t start until 11am, so my parents and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading out. They decided to come with me and walk the dog, whilst I ran, and we met up at our favourite coffee shop after! It was really nice to have them come support me and wave me off. The course was very easy and flat, which is always a bonus! Hills and I currently have a love hate relationship, one I’m not sure will get better anytime soon…!!!, but who knows! I’ll keep you posted on that one 😉  I finished in a great time, a personal best, which I was happy with. After a few stretches and cool down, I headed off to meet my parents with my medal and a smile on my face!

So all in all, a really nice weekend spent relaxing and enjoying being out and about. A good balance, one I sometimes find hard find, but working on it! Rest is important, that I know, and I’m working on doing more of it.

Hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing weekend and thank you for reading!

Emma xx


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