Womens Running 10K Race Series – Southampton

Last Sunday, I ran in the 5K, that was being held by the Women’s running magazine, along with the 10K. I didn’t want to run the 10K, because later that week I was signed up to run one my local park.

I found out about this series of races, from Louisa, a really lovely, inspiring and beautiful lady, runner and blogger. I’ve been following on instagram for a while now, and had the privilege of meeting on Sunday!


On the day, it was very warm, so I knew it wouldn’t be an easy run. It was a beautiful park partly covered by trees, giving much needed shade around the course. The volunteers that helped cheer us on were great and overall it was a really well organised event.

At the end we were handed a medal, goodie bag, t-shirt and magazine to congratulate us on our run. I was happy with my time and after finishing, I promptly headed back to my car, grabbed food and water and set off home to enjoy the rest of the day, and beautiful weather, in the garden!

A huge thank you to Women’s running magazine for putting together this great event. I look forward to, hopefully, running the Finsbury Park run with my nanny friend, and blogger, Sarah, in September!!

Emma xx


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