2 weeks off and trip to America

For the past week and a bit I’ve been on holiday from work, which has been really welcomed, because since my week in Australia in April, life has been pretty much non stop.

So, before my holiday started, I decided that for at least one of the weeks, I would go away. Not many of you know, but I used to live in America. So, I contacted some friends who I have known since the day I moved there and within 48 hours, my trip was booked. With only a few weeks to go, I was really looking forward to getting away to some sun, heat and catching up with everyone.

The flight went pretty quick, compared to the Australian one (!), and before I knew it we were landing in New Jersey. I was greeted by my friend and the fun began!
We had a few days of general pottering around, coffee shop visits, spot of shopping, meeting up with old friends for dinner, walking my friends two adorable dogs and enjoying the hot, sunny weather.

Now, as many of you know, I’m a total running lover/freak, whatever you want to call it!!!! So, before I left England, I signed up for a 5k in one of the local towns. The run was called ‘Girls on the run’, an organization that “inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms.” They also had a food bank there, so I took a non perishable item along with me. I was very happy to support both of these great organizations with my donations.
Now, to the race…it was a bloody, excuse my french, hot day and it was only 9am…we’d arrived in plenty of time to collect my number and t-shirt, as well as meet with a new friend I’ve been following on Instagram. Social networking really is amazing nowadays! Before I knew it, we were lining up ready to start, the horn sounded and we were off…as the course weaved through the streets of the town, local residents had set themselves up outside their houses with banners, shouting support and turning on their sprinklers for us all to run through and cool down – total life savers! The heat made the race quite tough, as I’m not used to running in it and the last 1/2 a mile showed that.

As I made it over the finish line, I was congratulated and handed a medal then greeted by my friend. After grabbing water and a snack, we headed back to the car, as we had a Father’s Day bbq arranged. I really enjoyed running this race, unexpectedly coming first in my age group! For the rest of the day I was beaming!!


As the days flew on, my time over seas was drawing to an end. I had already extended my trip, the best decision ever, because I just wasn’t ready to leave. So we filled those days with a trip down to the shore, seeing more friends, shopping and watching Finding Dory (a definite recommendation!).
Leaving was hard, I dragged myself to the airport and settled down for the night flight. I can’t thank my amazing friends enough for having me to stay and making my trip such a fun and very memorable one.

Back in England, with a gentle bump back to reality, I’ve been enjoying my last week off. Lots of rested days spent enjoying time with my mum, catching up, general organizing and of course, watching Wimbledon! Work will be hard to get back into, as I could certainly get used to lazy mornings and late lunches out, but that would get boring…or would it?!

Have a lovely rest of the week/weekend and thanks for reading!

Emma xx


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