Race For Life: Pretty Muddy 5K

Two Saturdays ago, I took part in a race for life with Laura, a friend/trainer and few other ladies, who she personally trains. I’ve known Laura for over a year now and attend her Saturday bootcamp and fitness class during the week. I have to say, she is awesome lady and her passion for fitness, healthy eating and wellbeing is truly inspiring.

When I saw she had signed up for this race, I thought, what a great way to raise money for a great cause. Both my grandmother and grandfather, from both sides of my family, have passed away from cancer, so I didn’t want to miss out in running this race for them.

The weather on the day of the race was perfect. Sunny, but warm and even by 10am, when we started, the temperature was quickly rising. I think we were all quite thankful that we were going to be climbing, crawling and sliding in and out of cool, mud and water…!
Turns out it was a pretty big event and my mum came with us, for moral support and to be chief photographer, which she did a great job at!


The clean before shot!

The course was a 5k, or 7.5k as we discovered at the end, with different obstacles. This included climbing over blown up ‘rolls’, piggy backing each other!, climbing over rope made ‘tents’, crawling through muddy tunnels, under muddy nets and so much more!

I don’t know the guy with the dog, but he was super cute, and I had to take a photo!!!! I spotted him as I bolted for the finish line!


And…the after shot! With our dog tag medals! Fantastic job ladies! 

Overall, it was a well organized event, supporting and raising money for a great cause! All of these ladies did a fantastic job and they should be super proud 🙂

Excited to do it all again next year!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend enjoying the beautiful weather!

Emma x


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