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A roaring fire with a very content white dog flat out in front of it, catch up tv on and everyone happy and settled in their favorite chair…a typical Sunday evening in my house. Recently, life has been extremely busy, both at work and life outside. Hence the reason I’ve been so quiet…Quite a bit has happened, there’s a lot of change on the horizon and with Christmas right around the corner, it doesn’t look like its going to slow down!


I handed my notice in at one of my nanny jobs last week, which was a very hard decision. I’ve been with them for over 2 years, since the youngest was 6 weeks old. They have grown up and started nursery/school, so I feel like now is the right time to go. My last day will be a hard one, but I will stay in contact with them for sure. Lots of babysitting to be done, I have a feeling!
I also signed up for my next half marathon in Reading. My training has gently started again, which I’m enjoying. Although its been hard to get out in the wet/cold, I’ve felt better after for doing it!
Finally, Christmas shopping has been completed, now it just needs to wrapped! I plan to stick a good Christmas film on and do it one evening maybe this week or next.

However manic and crazy it has been, I’ve managed to enjoy a fun filled weekend in London visiting a friend, attending an epic spin class and wondering the Christmas light/shopper filled streets! Today was my dad’s birthday, a day full of celebrations and family, which was really lovely. My last quiet weekend until the New Year now – how crazy is that?!! – but its been a brilliant one for sure!
Next weekend I’m off to visit family friends in Switzerland with my mum and brother. I’ll definitely be writing a blog about our travels, so be prepared for Christmas market overload!!! I’m so excited!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are well rested for another week ahead!

Emma x



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