Hello 2017 and recent happenings…

2017 arrived pretty quick and I can say it hasn’t stopped! Back into the swing of things with work, half marathon training and life in general!

I’m currently sat in my favorite restaurant, with my cousin, with full bellies and flowing cups of tea/coffee. She’s working on her portfolio for a new job and I’m about to post this ‘recent happenings’, inspired as always, by Heidi.


DOING – typing away, coffee in one had, and my cousin next to me. Nestled in the warm restaurant on the sofa – perfect!

HEARING – the cooing noises from 4 babies behind us, with the chatter of their mums and the coffee machine buzzing away

DRINKING – soya cappuccino and water! The only two drinks you’ll find me with, oh and green tea!

EATING AND COOKING – recently I’ve been inspired by Alexandra, and a few other awesome ladies from Instagram, by making ‘abundance’ or ‘veggie’ bowls. My go to at the moment is quinoa topped with avocado (of course!), tuna or chicken, spinach, roasted veggies, beetroot and drizzled with tahini! Total win! With the cold weather we are having at the moment, hot drinks usually accompany these bowls! I’ve also been baking a lot. This coconut flour pumpkin bread, by Ashley, has been my go to, along with energy balls and constant batches of granola which I love to snack on and have as pudding with yogurt and frozen fruit. Overnight oats have taken a backseat and warm bowls of porridge are enjoyed all the time at the moment, not just for breakfast! Half marathon training has played with my appetite and I quite often crave a warming bowl before training.

WANTING – My holiday…5 weeks and 2 days to be precise! My family and I are off to St. Lucia to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

PLAYING – Take That or Michael Buble…The only guys in my life! Ha! I absolutely love their music and find it super relaxing/a change to the repetitive radio songs at the moment. My mum and I have also been playing lots of board games in the evenings, nestled by the fire. Scrabble and Cluedo are our favs!

DECIDING – What to bake and cook next…! I’ve got a few recipes saved which I want to try, so I’ll be sure to use the rest of today/weekend to try them out.

ENJOYING – Cozy evenings by the fire. This is what I love about the Winter, and probably the only thing!

WATCHING – Silent Witness is back, making Monday nights enjoyable again! It’s my favorite show, I love a spooky/crime drama! I’ve abandoned Netflix recently, as just can’t seem to find anything on there. Tempted to cancel my subscription, but I know there are a few shows due to arrive on it soon. Might hold up on that one for now!

READING – Currently into The Girl in Cabin 10 that I was given by my parents for Christmas, along with The Poison Artist, which is next in line. Both sci-fi/thriller based and rather scary at times. I’ve been warned The Poison Artist is extremely dark, which makes me even more excited to get into it!!!

LOOKING – out the window at the rain drizzling down…a grey day today, the total opposite of yesterday which was blue sky and warm, winter sunshine.

LOVING – life. Its the death of recent famous people and family members that make you realize how short and precious life is. So enjoy it. Do something that scares you, enjoy your favorite glass of wine or bar of chocolate. Book that holiday you want to go on or buy that pair of shoes you have fallen in love with. At the end of the day, you can’t take it with you, so you may as well enjoy it now!

BUYING – Not a lot…I’m saving for St. Lucia in February and my trip to America in June. I can’t wait to enjoy another couple of weeks in the sun with best friends and lots of laughter!

PLANNING – My year…I’ve got 2 holidays booked and have just booked time off for when my good friends visit in May. I can tell 2017 is going to be a good one.

WEARING – My favorite dress from Gap, thermal tights (I told you I hate the winter), boots and THIS amazing scarf I was given by my friend for Christmas. Its like a rug, I kid you not, and I hate taking it off!

CRAVING – Warm bowls of oats and chocolate chip cookies…I have a few recipes that I think I need to bake!

SAVORING – My current set up right now.

FEELING – Content…Something I haven’t felt in a while. Life is pretty good right now and I am extremely lucky and thankful to have the people I have in my life. I may not see them all but this quote, that I saw once in a shop, reminds me that “friends are like stars…you don’t have to see them to know they are there.”

Have a lovely weekend everyone <3

Emma xx





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