I’ve hit a wall…

I’m into week 9 of my training for the Reading Half and I can’t quite believe race day is only 8 weeks away! I’m super nervous, but I’ve got time, so I’m focusing on getting stronger and my training schedule.

Saying that, however, over the past 2 weeks, I seem to have hit a bit of a wall. Admittedly, I’ve lost all interest in running and my training schedule. I was quite hesitant to talk about this, because running is a true passion of mine, but things aren’t always sunshine and roses! I’m not sure if its the cold, s**tty weather, dark mornings and early, sunset evenings, or that I’ve had to do a lot of my runs recently on a treadmill. THEEE most boring and painful piece of equipment, EVER!…I’ve felt like a caged animal and acted like one too!

So, after chatting with my trainer, and having a bit of a load off, we’ve decided to reduce my weekly runs for the next 2 weeks. This takes a bit of pressure off and enables me to rekindle my love and the joy I get, from running. Most importantly, it gives my body the rest it needs, and is telling me it needs.  I honestly don’t know how a lot of you do it around work and general life happenings, so kudos to you all!

I hope that this little break will get me back on track and back to loving this sport, because it pays a huge part in my life and if I could never run again, I’d be devastated.


Emma xx


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