Back in the game, thanks to a new friend!

Roll back 2 weeks ago, and my mindset on running and training, was at the negative end of the spectrum! I am happy to say, that has now changed, and it was all thanks to a new friend I’ve made, Charlie.
I first ‘met’ Charlie on Instagram. After messaging a few times, following her on IG and reading her blog, we finally met for our first run a few weeks ago. I’d not run with anyone before, so this was a new experience in itself, and one I won’t forget. Her passion and love for running is contagious, because I felt very inspired to get back into running and my training plan after our run. Since then, we’ve met a couple more times for some (very) early and longer runs, which has been great. She is such a sweet, friendly and kind person, who’s been a real help, giving me training tips from hydration through to clothing/shoe recommendations!
If you don’t follow her yet, do, and take a look at her blog as well! A real inspiration to all bloggers/runners out there!


Photo credit to Charlie. Definitely looking forward to more runs and coffee!

Although the past 2 weeks have been very full on, I’m feeling pretty damn good and extremely grateful for all the love, support and encouragement from friends and people I’ve never met! It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who experiences these running lows, so thank you to all of you 🙂

Have a lovely weekend and happy running!

Emma xx


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