My worst nightmare…


11 miles…amazing! A new PB and I felt great. However, the next couple of days proved otherwise…

I was sore. Expected. I kept well hydrated and refueled my body for the following couple of days, as well as took epsom salt baths, foam rolled and stretched. However, none of this seemed to help and I knew on Sunday evening, that I was in trouble. My right hamstring was not happy. I’ve never before suffered with hamstring or any kind of muscle problems, in my legs, so this really started to worry me.

Monday morning came around and after speaking with my trainer and a really lovely friend, I thought it might be worth going for a sports massage to help the muscles. I have to say, it was really worth it. The next morning I felt like I had new legs, but as the day wore on, the soreness and pain continued. Wednesday quickly rolled around, and after the last two rest days, I thought I’d give my interval run a go. I was in a good mindset, prepared and ready to go after work. I started off at a good pace, not pushing myself, just running and felt good for the first set, but things quickly changed. Into the second set, my hamstring started cramping and I gave up, walking slowly back to my car and doing some stretches before heading home. All I kept thinking was, the Reading Half is in 10 days…this is not good.

As there was no let up, I decided that it was best to see a physiotherapist. This is where I am extremely grateful for my aunt owning her own practice, in Henley, so was able to be slotted in yesterday afternoon. He was great. Very thorough, reassuring and confident with his practice/diagnosing me. At the end of our session, he sat me down and told me exactly what I didn’t want to hear…I wouldn’t be running the Reading Half. Deep down, I had kind of known it from the past few days…the pain was bad and even staying positive wasn’t going to help it.

I’d be lying if I said I okay about the decision. I’m not. I am very upset, disappointed, frustrated and sad. I’ve trained for months to run this, a very hard couple of months, but not for anything that won’t happen. There will be other races and lets face it, there are worst things going on in the world then having to pull out of a race!
I’m extremely thankful for everyones support, love, get well wishes, kind words and advice. From people I know and don’t and I’m very thankful to know those people. The social networking world/community can be a negative place, but it can also be a very positive and helpful one.

I want to wish those reading this and running the Reading Half, the best of luck. I’ll be there to support you guys, waiting at the finish line!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone <3

Emma xx


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