Long Weekend Adventures…

My bank holiday weekend started off a little early, on Thursday night, when I joined Charlie at The Great House  launch party. This beautiful hotel, is located in Sonning with the Thames running right outside. They have recently extended/renovated part of the hotel, with up to date and gorgeous new bedrooms, and spacious events rooms, where you can hold parties, weddings and meetings. It was a really lovely evening filled with champagne, delicious food, a boat trip along the river, cuddling THE most gorgeous Dachshund called Lettice, and a nights stay in a very cozy room!

The next morning, we went out for a few miles along the river before breakfast. This was Charlie’s first run after the London Marathon, so we took it slow and enjoyed the scenery, including seeing part of George Clooney’s house!


The following day, was Tough Mudder day! A group of ladies I attend bootcamp with, including my mum, ventured just outside of Henley to where the event was being held! To say we were all nervous would be a lie…BUT we were ready and excited to go!
Our wave was 10.45am, and we arrived in plenty of time to register, drop bags, coat ourselves in sharpie and prepare ourselves mentally for what was to come! The atmosphere was immense, music was playing, there were many groups in different costumes/outfits and excitement was filling the air!

We took part in the half mudder! It was great to see everyone from different teams lifting, pushing and pulling each other over walls, through water filled pipes, mud, hay barrels and cheering each other on! We conquered 8km’s, 13 obstacles and were greeted at the finish line with some fab goodies and cidar! A huge accomplishment, by far, for all of us and I’m super proud of the whole team!


Sunday was another busy day! I headed to London with Charlie, where we attended Be:Fit Festival and ran the Hackney 5.5k! We both bought large amounts of nut butter, a few other essentials and got our hair braided! After a mooch around and playing on the Reebok swing, we headed to Hackney. This is where we met Charlie’s fiance, Tom, who was running with us!

We arrived, with less time than we thought and quickly grabbed our bibs, dropped our bags and headed to the start line! Before we knew it the gun sounded and we were off…I struggled with this run, I won’t lie. And Charlie did too…I felt sick the minute we started, it was warm and the middle of the day. I am not a day runner and this race confirmed that. I find it much easier to get up in the morning, either run fasted or have breakfast, then head out the door.
Regardless of that, I thought it was a good race, and I got a PB! (How I managed this, I have no idea!!) The course was interesting, with some unexpected hills and a headwind, but the support from the public was brilliant. If you’ve ever run a race, a 5k or a marathon, you’ll understand how much this motivates you to push through and keep going!! Into the park we ran and over the finish line – phew! We collected our medals, more nut butter!, and headed to collect our bags.


I said goodbye to Charlie and Tom and headed off to meet Nicky, for coffee and a chat! She ran the Hackney Half that morning, her first half marathon, and I couldn’t wait to give her a huge well done hug! You did amazing, well done again sweetie!!

It was then time to start my long journey home…I had the BEST weekend with friends, old and new. Feeling very full, content, happy and thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.


Now ready to conquer another busy week! I hope you’ve all had a great bank holiday weekend!

Emma xx




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