Recent trip to America…

This year, like last, I ventured to the USA to stay with my high school friend and her husband. The 10 day holiday, part of my 2 weeks off work, was really needed and came at the right time! The lead up to my 2 weeks off, was a seriously busy one. What with work and outside life, running, social events and much more, I felt extremely overwhelmed and burnt out. Both my bosses and I couldn’t wait to get away and at this point, I was very glad I booked this trip!

I absolutely love traveling on my own and couldn’t wait to get on that plane and switch off. As well as catch up on basically every film I’ve missed since Christmas!…please don’t judge!!!! Once I landed, the fun began, and I couldn’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones!

Being the crazy girl I am, I signed up for two 5k races before my trip! Both for a good cause and both with sweet friends I’d met through instagram! I love running whilst I’m away, especially because I get to explore new trails, parks and enjoy being back where I used to live. I was asked by a few of my friends if I did any relaxing whilst I was out there, and yes, I did! I am a busy person and I like to be out and about doing things, fitness related or not. I did do a lot of Netflix watching and reading my book, which I look forward to the most when I travel. Burying my nose into a different world and getting lost in the lives of others.

Aside from running, I caught up with friends, saw a Yankee baseball game, explored New York City, ate donuts and THE most delicious cookies, and took a road trip to Washington DC – one of my favourite cities. Here we watched and Marines Corps parade and road bikes around the city at midnight. 

This trip was the best and I certainly didn’t want to leave. It kicked off, what is going to be a super fun summer, full of friends, family, more exploring and of course running! I can’t wait. 

Hope you’ve all managed to enjoy this beautiful and warm weather – although it seems to have disappeared at the moment! Let’s hope it comes back soon!

Emma xx 


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