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If you haven’t been on social media recently, then your probably hiding under a rock somewhere, which I’d say isn’t a bad place to be! Recently, a lot of my feed on Instagram, especially, has been about the perfect abs, best workout to reduce fat and get into shape/be ‘summer body ready’.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get pulled into this trap, of thinking I needed to have abs/the perfect figure, because I did…
For a few weeks, it got to me and I got caught in a bubble of focusing on everyone else and not me and what my body needed. I felt down and definitely wasn’t myself, and for that I feel guilty for.
It wasn’t until my trainer messaged me one day, and told me something that I will now never forget. That one picture you see, of a set of abs or a photo of a sweaty gym workout, that is a small part of THEIR day, that they are choosing to show. The rest…is unknown.
So, why get caught up and compare yourself to that one picture? Because its so easily done. I’m in no way shaming or blaming any of the amazing people I follow. I absolutely love the support and love I get from everyone I follow and who follows me, I guess I became engrossed in wanting what I didn’t have and to look like everyone else.

Admittedly, it took a few days for me to take that step back and realize that I’ve learnt a very valuable lesson from this…To focus on ME and MY body. With the help of my trainer, I’m about to start a new running plan again, for two half marathons that happen to be a month apart and I’m not going to get anywhere if I focus on everyone else. I want to be the strongest person and runner I can, be it with abs or without!!


Social media can be a very positive place, but also a very negative place too. Remember, you are you. Your body is different to everybody else’s. Its unique, beautiful, curvy, I could go on. At the end of the day, you wake up every morning to do the best for YOU, YOUR body and maybe your training plan. Live your life the way you want to, and enjoy it, because you aren’t on this planet forever.

A very honest post, and one I have felt very unsure and nervous about posting, but I hope you have enjoyed it.

Much love, you beautiful people.

Emma xx


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