Happenings 23.7.17

Inspired by the beautiful Heidi

DOING: Lying in bed watching a film on Netflix with a bowl of yogurt in hand!

HEARING: Other than the tv, nothing. Pure silence.

LOOKING: Occasionally outside my bedroom window, at the beautiful sunset! 

DRINKING: Water, as always!! Although mint tea has become a fav of mine recently, alongside daily coffee, green tea and my all time favourite, Kombucha. 

WANTING: My holiday to hurry up…I’m going to Tuscany for a week, with my parents and I can’t wait! It’s somewhere Ive always wanted to go, it’s at the top of my bucket list and after a very full on, stressful and busy few months, it’ll be much needed – for us all! 

READING: Paula Hawkins – Into the water…I CAN NOT recommend this book enough. I started it a few days ago and I’m nearly done! So, put this on your reading list guys, along with the new Jodi Picoult book, because they are both brilliant!

EATING AND COOKING: lots of fresh vegetables – especially courgette and broccoli – from our friends vegetable patch! Along with strawberries – a firm favourite – salads, chicken, fresh fish and pasta! With half marathon training in full swing, I’m craving all the carbs. I’m also making the most of doing lots of cooking at work, before major kitchen construction begins in 2 weeks. Although I do a lot of cooking at home, their big kitchen is a lovely place to cook in, and I can’t wait for it all to be finished. Eating what’s in season has been fun, epically as I’ve based a lot of my meals on few ingredients. A challenge I love!

DECIDING: What to do with the little one I nanny for, now that the summer holidays have started, all our groups have stopped. However, I am looking forward to a few trips pre planned and not having to rush out of the door in the morning! 

ENJOYING: Early nights, nestled in bed, with my book. My early mornings and busy days, have me craving these kind of evenings. I’m not being antisocial and I make sure I spend enough time with my family in the evening, chatting and catching up, before taking myself up to bed. 

WATCHING: Full House! I absolutely love this show. It takes me back to when I would get home from school, in America, and give myself 30 minutes of down time, before starting homework or participating in an activity. It’s such easy watching and so funny. I’ve seen every episode a number of times and like Friends, it never gets old! 

BUYING: A few things I’ve had my eye on, including the comfiest sweater and Sweaty Betty jumpsuit – which I have yet to wear – but I’m hoping to get a few outings in it, when we go to Tuscany!  And…a few Christmas presents!! I know, call me mad for even thinking about it, let alone mentioning the word, but I learnt from my old boss, that being prepared early, majorly helps in he long run – especially the bank account 😉 

PLAYING: A LOT of podcasts! To do with running, health, lifestyle and more they’ve replaced my normal radio listening commute, and I love it! Remembering to bring my phone charger for my car, hasn’t been a game well played and I really must by a second one!! Haha! 

PLANNING: What to do over the summer holidays at work. As well as my normal weekly planning of runs and where to fit my training sessions at the gym in. 

LOVING: The sunny and warm, let’s hope it returns, weather we have been having . Along with the light mornings, so I can run before work and with Charlie and the late sunset evenings to sit in the garden or take an evening stroll around the vineyard behind our house to visit the ponies. 

SAVOURING: Time. Especially time with my family. My grandmother hasn’t been well, and I’ve realised how precious our time together is. 

FEELING: Happy, content, loved, appreciated, strong and proud. I’m so happy with where I am in my life right now. Yes, there are certain things I want and really wish I had, but I am a firm believer that things will and do happen for a reason and in time they will come. It’s important to be patient and savour everything you have right now, because it couldn’t be better. 

Happy Sunday all. Wishing you all a lovely week.
Emma xx


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