Happenings 24.9.17

Post inspired, as always, by the beautiful Heidi!

DOING: Sat on the sofa with a cozy blanket with a warm and happy tummy!

HEARING: The TV and the odd car zooming by outside.

LOOKING: At some recipes to make for my busy week ahead. I’m craving all the peanut butter at the moment, so these peanut butter cookie dough bites, are definitely at the top of my list! And possibly the sweet potato breakfast cookies from the Run Fast Eat Slow book, another firm fave!



WANTING: Something sweet…time to open the new Green and Blacks 70% chocolate I bought the other night!

EATING AND COOKING: I’ve loved having the choice to make and eat what I want over the past few weeks. This has involved A LOT of carbs, pasta mainly, as I’m still training. As well as chicken, loads of veggies, quinoa (rekindled my love for it again) and avocado on a toasted bagel!! Oat bars have been a craving recently, as well as cookies. Which I think will be baked this week too!


DECIDING: What to get family and close friends for Christmas…yes, I did just mention the ‘C’ word!…

ENJOYING: Life in general at the moment. My job, my friends, my routine and everything in between! Feeling very thankful and content.

WATCHING: Bake Off (duh!) and Doctor Foster! I fell in love with the first series, and although the second isn’t as good, its still on my evening watch list! I’ve also discovered a new series on Sky Atlantic, called ‘Tin Star’. Its a thriller/murder/police type drama and really good. Although I’ve had to watch it in the day, because its quite jumpy, and I’m a total wimp! Haha! I’m also really excited for two of my favorite series that are due back on Netflix next month! Yay!!!

READING: This has been put on the back burner recently, and aside from the odd magazine or paper being flicked through, I’ve abandoned my book ‘The Couple Next Door’. However, I’m well into it and I would definitely recommend! I’m also waiting for a friend to finish a running book, so I best get a shuffle on and finish this one!

WEARING: A few of my favorite cozy, but still light, jumpers. The weather here in England has definitely turned autumnal, however its been surprisingly warm recently. I’m loving my new gilet I bought from Joules, in the sale, and can’t wait to get out my cozy scarves and hat!

BUYING: Not a lot at the moment…apart from the essentials, I’m trying desperately to save every penny I can so I can afford to move out. Easier said than done, unfortunately.

PLANNING: My week ahead. A few autumn activities for the little one I nanny for, during this week and over October. We don’t have much free time anymore, so I want to make what time we do have, fun and special.

CRAVING: Umm…everything savory, hearty and comforting. Flapjacks and/or oat cookies are a favorite at the moment too!

LOVING: Running…who would have guessed! I am feeling super strong at the moment and really proud of how far I’ve come over these few months both in my runs, and the gym.

SAVOURING: The last of the light evenings…the early mornings have already gone, making getting up to run before work super hard, so I’m making the most of traveling home in the light.

PLAYING: Outside in this gorgeous weather! Be it with little E or my dog, I’m making the most of the light-ish and still mild days, before winter descends on us.

FEELING: Happy and very lucky.


I had to add this photo of a tree just down the road, showing off its beautiful leaves. Everyday I look for it, day or night and it puts a huge smile on my face. I can’t get over just how stunning it is and how Autumn may now be my favorite time of the year!

Happy Sunday friends, I hope you have all had a wonderful week and weekend.

Emma xx



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