Happenings 12.11.17

A mixture of my personal and work life.

DOING: Sitting on my bed, eating this pumpkin bread with soya yogurt and frozen blueberries, and listening/half watching Full House on Netflix!

HEARING: The laughter from the tv and humming of the heating.


EATING AND COOKING: Pumpkin everything! As well as the usual avocado on sourdough bread (from the cutest little vegan bakery I recently found, and can’t stop visiting!) lots of warming and comforting dishes like soups, stews and casseroles.

I’m also, strangely, holding onto overnight oats. Mostly because they are an easy grab and go breakfast, but taste delicious! We also had a double delivery of bananas recently, so I’ve been freezing and making smoothies with them, and attempted a chocolate banana cake, from Green Kitchen Stories, but it was a complete disaster…so we’ll leave it at that!

WANTING: An electric blanket. Yes, you read it right! Our house is quite old, and heat does not hang around long in my room. So, I’ve asked for one for Christmas and accepted I am a granny – no shame!

LOOKING: for Christmas gifts for friends and family. I need to start a list, because I keep thinking of things, then totally forget! I also can’t believe its nearly the middle of November. WHERE is this year going?!


ENJOYING: Not having a training/running schedule! As you’ll have noticed, I haven’t stopped running, and I’m enjoying more sleep and ‘normal’ alarm times! Does 6.20am count as a normal alarm, though?!….

WATCHING: Riverdale on Netflix! I absolutely love it, and unlike Stranger Things, they release a new episode every week. Other than that, just Grey’s Anatomy and waiting for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to start next week – hooray!

READING:  I’ve got two books on the go at the moment…one called “First Marathons” that a friend leant me and the other called “The Couple Next Door”. I started reading this, then just didn’t have time to continue, but happy to report I’m stuck back in it and enjoy a few chapters before hitting the hay.

WEARING: THE coziest pyjamas I think I’ve ever owned! Also enjoying my thick, cozy jumpers and dresses.

BUYING: Christmas presents!

PLANNING: On seeing a few friends over the next week to catch up and spend some time with. As well as organizing the birthday party for the little girl I look after and our weekly schedule of classes, appointments and seeing friends. I swear my work life is way more organized than my life!

CRAVING: Warm bowls of porridge, especially zoats…zucchini (or courgette) grated into a pan of cooked oats and topped with peanut butter and some form of fruit!


LOVING: Coffee!

SAVORING: The last of the beautiful colors of the trees…they are so golden at the moment, but rapidly dropping. The little one I nanny for, and I, have also been enjoying kicking them around the park and making “autumn” pictures for her mummy!

PLAYING: With my new Karrimor running gear that I was recently sent! The jacket, shoes and warmest running gloves I’ve EVER owned, being my favorite items thus far, but I secretly love it all!

FEELING: Content. Snuggled in bed, ready for an early night, and very thankful for the support and kindness from so many people who have donated to the charity I am running for. I can’t tell you how much it means to me and I can’t thank you all enough.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and had a wonderful weekend.

Emma xx

Inspired by the beautiful Heidi



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