Christmas 2017

Can you believe Christmas has been and gone?! So much planning and prep for one day, that seems to go in a flash. However, within that flash, memories are made, presents are opened, crackers are pulled, champagne drunk, Christmas food munched and the day enjoyed by all.

For me, this Christmas was a really lovely one.  I started the day off with a run, which apparently was “way too healthy”, according to one of my brothers best friend! However it was my final chance to get some miles in for Run up to Christmas. For those of you who don’t know, this was a great running event put together, to raise money for the charity Mind. I threw on my Christmas jumper and headed out for a very warm and much-needed four miles. I was home and showered just as everyone was waking, ready to start the festive fun.

In our matching pyjamas, yes I know, you can blame my mother for this one!, we opened stockings before breakfast, followed by coffee and more presents and then the food prep and organizing began. This year, my grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend stayed with us, which was great fun. We spent the evening playing many board games and laughing the night away!

The following morning involved sleeping in, a slow breakfast and enjoying a sunny, yet chilly, dog walk! My other cousin, and her boyfriend, then arrived for the evening, which was really nice as I don’t get to see her much.


All in all a wonderful few days, and more to come. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and received some great gifts!

Emma xx


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