Happenings 14.01.18

This post is inspired by Heidi.


DOING: Watching ‘Friends’, that has now appeared on Netflix, whilst snuggled in bed.

HEARING: The television

DRINKING: Matcha green tea – my new obsession – by Pukka

EAT/COOKING: Lots of fresh, light but filling recipes. We got Jamie’s 5 Ingredient book for Christmas, and we’ve been planning some of our weekly meals from it. I’m also into Run Fast Eat Slow sweet potato cookies – the dream – for snacking and homemade hummus with raw carrots and cucumber sticks!

WANTING: Sleep…I can’t wait to get an early night tonight after a very active few days.

LOOKING: Forward to a few events I’ve got planned for the charity I am running London for. As well as seeing friends for a much needed catch up this week!

DECIDING: What film to watch on Netflix, please send favorites/oldies/anything!

ENJOYING: My heated blanket! THE best Christmas present I’ve received in years!

SAVOURING: Days at work, just me and the little one I look after. Soon her brother or sister will be joining the family, and work life is about to get even crazier!

WATCHING: Friends! Silent Witness, which has just started again on BBC 1, and has been a firm favorite of mine since my college days!

READING: ‘Stalker’ by Lars Kepler. A friend lent it to me, actually recommended by her mum, and I’ve just started it. So far, so good!

WEARING: THE coziest pajamas from Next.

BUYING: Not a lot…apart from a few new trainers and a very snuggly jumper, with Christmas money, that’s about it.

PLANNING: My week. Work and my life.

CRAVING: Porridge and generally all the carbs!

LOVING: Pip and Nut peanut butter on toasted sourdough!!!

PLAYING: Scrabble…nestled by the fire, with snacks, and wine. The perfect evening entertainment with my mum!

FEELING: Tired. Its been a pretty shitty week and I’m both mentally and physically exhausted. Ready to leave this week behind and start a new and positive one.

So I’ll leave you with a smile, and wishes for a good week.

Emma xx


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