London Marathon Expo

I have to say, this, along with the marathon, was something I was really looking forward to attending.  I headed to the ExCel after work on Thursday afternoon and met a friend before making our way in. It was 2.30pm, the sky was bright blue and the sun was shining heavily down on us. The raised temperatures had been the hot topic in conversation amongst many of us runners over the past few days and to say we were nervous about Sunday, was an nothing more than spot on.

We made our way through the cool building and into the expo. I was collecting a friends number, along with mine, which was quite nerve wracking. A big responsibility and I was so nervous of loosing it! Before we entered the main area with all the stalls, we were able to get our photo taken with our number and explore the superstore, filled with lots of goodies from New Balance.

We spent the next few hours exploring, picking up snacks, sampling new products, picking up a few free goodies and listening to one of the talks. At this point I felt very excited but I could feel the nerves growing inside me.

Before we left, we made our way through the lounge, where we were able to take part in fun challenges that would donate £5 to our chosen charity. My friend and I decided to take part in the bowling and came away with £10 towards my charity and a big smile on our faces. A few more pictures later and we were ready to call it a day. The long trek back to Paddington was waiting and I was ready to get home for a bath and some food!

I felt ready, extremely ready and Sunday couldn’t come soon enough.

Watch out for my race recap coming in the next few days!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Emma xx


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