Tough Mudder 2018

I’m not sure many would enjoy spending a cold, grey Saturday morning caking themselves in mud, diving into freezing cold water and climbing over many wooden obstacles. A week after running the London Marathon, many people called me mad, but I couldn’t wait. I’d attended the event last year, so knew what I was in for and this time with new obstacles and course.

We arrived at the event filled with a mixture of excitement and nerves. Our wave was at 9.20am, so after meeting at the tent, greeted by the Black Tower Wines and Sonya (our Mudder tour guide!), we had a few photos taken and then headed to the warm up zone. Here we were made to show complete strangers our cat walk, completely embarrassing ourselves before starting.

With a pledge and a short cheer, we were off. Ready to take on whatever was waiting for us! The route, this year, took us through a lot more of the grounds/woodland and the obstacles weren’t as close together as I remember them being. Nonetheless, it wasn’t raining, we were all smiling and enjoying getting to know each other. We shortly came to our first obstacle – the Kiss of Mud! Sonia showed us the most efficient way of getting through, without getting attached to the barbed wire or face planting into the mud. However I failed at this and got trapped by it twice…!

Running on, we came to the Block Ness Monster! I openly admit I didn’t do this last year…however, I had no choice and I actually really enjoyed it. It involved plunging into chest deep water, climbing onto the rotating square shaped obstacle and letting it carry us over. It was FREEZING but a lot of fun and we all quickly got moving to stay warm!

Soaking wet and with stone and mud filled shoes, we said our temporary goodbyes to the camera crew and headed around the rest of the course. We met more mud, climbed over vertical walls, pulled ourselves through tubes, trekked up a monster hill and climbed a hay barrel tower.
We then went on to tackle our last obstacles, Everest and Pyramid scheme. Both of which were two of my favorites last year and was excited to give them another go!

With the finish line in sight, we all grabbed each other and ran. Soaked and freezing, we were handed our finishers t-shirt, a snack and made our way back to the tent for a few more photos.

Feeling very proud and full of smiles, we thanked and said our goodbyes to the brilliant camera crew and Sonya, for taking us around the course safely! Yes, we were all covered in bruises and I definitely felt like I had been hit by a bus the next morning, but I had the best time. Making new friends, supporting each other and taking on a new challenge together is what this day was all about and it was so much fun!

A huge thank you to Black Tower Wines and Charlie for an awesome morning!

Emma xx



  1. July 16, 2018 / 8:18 pm

    So very happy for you with this! πŸ™‚ Keep it up!

    • activegirlliving
      July 29, 2018 / 9:08 am

      Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

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