Happenings 11.5.18

Inspired by the beautiful, Heidi.


Doing – Sitting at the kitchen table, watching mum sort ingredients for supper.

Hearing – The tumble dryer and the television

Drinking – Green tea. A love of mine, especially in the morning.

Eating and cooking – Hmm, recently I’ve been craving fresh and colorful salads with a form of protein. After months of eating pasta and lots of bread, during marathon training, admittedly I’ve slightly gone off them. I’ve not been doing as much cooking at work, but I have been at home. I made the most delicious tofu burgers for my parents and I last night, which went down a treat. This afternoon I baked my dad his favorite ginger cake, which he’s already devoured a quarter of!

Wanting – More sunshine and warm weather, like we had over the bank holiday weekend. Wearing shorts and summer dresses was such a treat, and to feel the warm sun on my skin, made me feel like I was on holiday.

Wearing – My pyjamas. And yes, it is only 5.30pm here in the U.K. No shame! I’m pretty tired from a very hard week.

Looking – For somewhere to go away at the beginning of June. I am in need of a break, change of scene, some time to rest and regroup. However, with a few uncontrollable events happening, I’m not sure its going to be possible. Keeping my fingers crossed and my search on!

Deciding – What to have for supper…

Enjoying – Rest and a break from training/running. I have to say, I have loved not setting an alarm for 5am to get up and run before work. I’ve also enjoyed having weekends free and that don’t revolve around a long run. With that said, I am ALWAYS up for a run with Charlie, and am actually starting to miss my runs, now I’ve had a good rest period. I’ve signed up for a few fun runs and will keep my legs moving until training for NYC starts in August!

Watching – ‘Friends’ on Netflix but other than that, not much. I don’t really have time to watch tv. I sometimes climb into bed and think I’ll start a new series or put a film on, but actually, I’d rather go to sleep!

Reading – Charlie recently gave me The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Which I read in about 4 days. I couldn’t put it down, it was so exciting, sad and very easy to read, that I became excited to get into bed at 8pm and read as much as I could before my eyes started closing!
I’ve just started Still Me, by JoJo Moyes and I love it! I would also recommend, Me Before You and After You, which are a lead up to this one.

Buying – Not a lot…really trying to save my money, for a holiday, or my trip to America with my parents in August. As well as a house fund and general savings…I feel I have nothing left from my paycheck, anyone else with me?!

Planning – A holiday and lots of running!

Craving – Fresh, colorful foods, especially cold pink lady apples! Also really into smoothies at the moment!

Loving – Sleep…and lie ins!

Savoring – Moments with all my family.

Playing – Scrabble…strangely! My mum and I enjoyed a few games over the long weekend, sat in the garden with snacks and wine. I scored one of my highest games, but didn’t manage to win against my mum! Nonetheless, it was the switch off and distraction we both needed.

Feeling – Sad, emotional, tired and drained.


Emma xx


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