Green Park Royal Berkshire 10k

Since London, I’ve taken part in two races, both of which had extremely different outcomes. The first, and one I didn’t blog about, was the Oxford Town and Gown 10k. Three weeks after a marathon, and I thought I would be fine, everyone jokingly said I still had it in my legs but it was the total opposite. I wasn’t looking forward to the race, I hated every mile, it was hot (why I was even complaining about this, is beyond me!) and my legs felt empty. Luckily, I had the support from a lovely group, who I ran the race with, and the only highlight of the morning was the coffee and breakfast we had after!

The following weekend, I had another race, the Royal Berkshire 10k. I toyed with pulling out of it because of what happened the following weekend, but I’m really glad I didn’t. We were all dressing up as fairies to run for the Teenage Cancer Trust. A fantastic charity, and one I wanted to help my friend support.

As the weekend got closer, I saw the weather and temperatures were meant to be amazing, another hot run on the cards. I’ve decided I must have attract hot days and running races, this is the 3rd one in a row now!! Regardless of the weather, I was really looking forward to dressing up, seeing a few friends and running a new route.

We met quite early, but I’m glad we did as it was a bigger event than I thought. And, as always, there weren’t many toilets resulting in a quick dash to the start line moments before the gun went!
I started off at quite a good pace, not pushing myself and settled quite quickly. The course was good and the neighbors were out supporting us, but boy was it hot! There wasn’t a great deal of shade and only two water stations, both using plastic cups. It’s wonderful to see all these races ditching the plastic bottles and being aware of plastic use.
Half way round and I was kind of wishing I wasn’t wearing my tutu and compression socks, plus I started to feel quite sick. I ended up doing a bit of walking and running towards the end, being picked up by other runners encouraging me on. I crossed the finish line, desperate for water and to sit down!

I found a few fairies sat in the shade, so headed over to join them, have a chat and check my time! I had managed to shave 9 minutes off my last 10k and felt extremely proud and quite smug!
After a quick catch up, I said my congratulations and goodbyes, before heading to get a post race photo then make my way back to my car.

A fun race, for a great cause, with friends and on a lovely sunny day! One way to spend a Sunday and one I wouldn’t have any other way!

Happy Friday everyone, have a lovely long weekend!

Emma xx



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