Happenings 29.7.18

It’s been a while since I’ve done a happenings post, so I thought I’d give you all an update! Inspired, as always, by the beautiful Heidi.

Doing: Sitting in my favorite cafe, drinking the best coffee and munching my way through a granola and fruit bowl for breakfast!

Hearing: The rain pattering down outside, sound of cars crawling by and music in the cafe.

Reading: ‘Stalker’ (but I can’t remember the author) and ‘Soldier Spy’ by Tom Marcus. I actually started this book, then stopped reading it, but plan to pick it up again on my trip to America, next week.

Wearing: With all the beautiful hot and sunny weather we have been having, I’ve been living in vests, shorts, dresses or my swimming costume! My employers have a swimming pool, so we have spent quite a bit of time in it! However, today it is pouring with rain, so the raincoat has been dusted off and jeans are back on!

Drinking: Soya flat white

Eating and Cooking: A lot of salads and fresh vegetables with mainly chicken or fish. Watermelon has also been a HUGE hit recently, as you all saw from the Race to The Stones blog! Overnight oats have also been my love recently, so easy to grab and eat before work in the morning, then topped with freshly picked strawberries – yum!

Wanting: To be on holiday already! Three more working days then 18 days of rest, change of scene and catching up with old friends!

Looking: Forward to my marathon training to start again. This time with a new PT and plan.

Deciding: On what to have for dinner tonight…! Thinking it’ll definitely be a last minute decision!

Enjoying: House sitting for my aunt. Having my own space and routine has been heavenly. Its allowed me to recharge, organize and think, in my own space. Plus I’ve really enjoyed spending time on my own, something I don’t get to do often.

Watching: Love Island…..I am HOOKED! Its the first year I’ve watched it, and I’ll definitely continue to! There’s also a mystery type series on BBC 1 called ‘Keeping Faith’, which is brilliant. I won’t say too much but its about a lawyers husband who leaves for work one morning and doesn’t return…

Buying: Summer clothes, mainly dresses, as they are so light and easy to wear! Will also be great for America, which is going to be hot and humid!

Planning: My week. Along with work and packing, my marathon training is about to start again, so I’m planning in my runs around it all!

Craving: Watermelon! Strawberries, overnight oats, ice cold water and cold, fresh, crunchy vegetables!

Loving: Everything about life right now! Work, social life and busy plans that I’ve made! Plus the sunny, hot weather!

Savoring: My last weekend/lazy Sunday before training starts again! It’s been so nice to run when I want, for however long I want, especially after both London and the ultra!

Playing: Lots of board games at work, with the little girl I nanny for. I used to play loads when I was little, and I’m excited to do more of it when we go to America. Trying to practice more time off social media/my phone and experience the now.

Feeling: Happy. Very happy. Life is good, I have amazing friends and family, a job I love and am happy in. There are new challenges and experiences heading my way, and I’m feeling ready to take them on!


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Sunday friends!

Emma xx


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