One week to go….

I can’t quite believe where the past 14 weeks have gone…it seems like yesterday that Charlie and I were sat organizing the whole weekend, and to think that I hadn’t even run London yet…craziest thought in the world and I have no idea what possessed me to sign up for my second marathon, having not even ran my first! Regardless, I am SO glad I bit the bullet and decided to run, because with one week left to go, I am more than excited to be heading back to my favorite city in the whole world!

This weeks train has gone really well. I’ve given the speed sessions my all, maybe too much, ending in me feeling rather sick after…..a small PT session, with the BEST PT in the world, because I’ve been craving it recently, parkrun with two friends and my last long run this morning. My legs have felt amazing, I’m really in awe of my body and how its adapted to my training. I feel great and I am beyond ready to race now.











Having also been half term this week, that’s enabled my charges and I to have a bit of a break/more down time. It’s such a whirlwind of a week with preschool, classes, playdates and everything in between, that the slow mornings/days have been welcomed with open arms! We’ve been pumpkin picking, to the theatre and out for lunch. Everything we love doing, with lots of time playing at home and watching films.

With my suitcase out and packing well under way, I want to reflect for a moment on this training journey. It’s not been the easiest, hell I have felt many times like I wanted to pull out of the race and stop there and then, but I didn’t, because I have the determination, motivation to finish what I started. Running is my passion, its more than just a speed workout and many miles on the plan each week. So I wanted to thank every single person who has supported, sent messages, encouraged, run with me, been there when I’ve been reduced to tears and when I’ve been jumping for joy. To the friends I’ve never met, through social media, and to those who are my best and most beloved friends in the world – you all mean so much to me and I can’t thank you all enough for your constant love and just being there for me. I live my life A LOT through social media and I LOVE chatting with every single one of you.

I honestly can’t say how ready I am to run next Sunday, with you all there cheering me on from the sidelines or 3,000 miles on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Get ready to be taken on the most exciting weekend of your life, I can’t wait to have you all follow and experience with me, what may be another most amazing day of my life!

Much love and thanks, always,

Emma xx




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