Happenings 25.11.18

DOING: Eating Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice cream, with lots of fruit, in my pyjamas, snuggled in bed!

HEARING: The odd noise down below in the kitchen, by my parents, but other than that, pure silence.

DRINKING: Water, as per usual!

EATING + COOKING: Poached eggs and sourdough from my favorite cafe! I can’t get enough of it at the moment! I’m also really enjoying cooking a lot of vegan recipes that seem to have appeared in the weekly Saturday paper and local supermarket magazines. Tofu has become a firm favorite in our household, slowly followed by tempah – which holds an amazing amount of protein in it!

WANTING: My two weeks off work to arrive now! Only a 3 day working week, so I shouldn’t complain!

LOOKING: For gift inspiration from anyone!

DECIDING: What to get family and close friends for Christmas…so far its not going well…..

READING: I’ve just finished ‘Then She Was Gone’ by Lisa Jewell. Admittedly it took me a while to get into but then it suddenly changed gears and got so exciting, that I was hooked for days! I can’t recommend enough! I’ve asked for her other book ‘I Found You’ and Jodie Picoults (my favorite author of all times) new book, ‘A Spark of Light’, for Christmas.

WATCHING: ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ I am HOOKED! I absolutely love this show, and you know its winter when it comes on! Definitely enjoying Holly Willoughby presenting it but equally missing the banter between Ant and Dec!

WEARING: My favorite and coziest pyjamas from a company called Hush. I discovered them in John Lewis and they are the best pair of nightwear I’ve owned! They have some beautiful jumpers and dresses on their website too.

ENJOYING: Not having a running/training plan but equally missing the routine in my life. Its taken a few weeks to adjust to no very early runs every week, even though I’ve still run early, twice before work…! I’m loving running deciding when I want to and for however long! Hopefully joining Charlie on some of her long runs too!

PLAYING: Lots of games, mainly with the little one I look after.

PLANNING: My life for the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. I’ve got a lot going on, birthdays, a wedding and seeing lots of family and friends.

CRAVING: A new challenge/race to work towards. I entered the Chicago ballot and keeping everything crossed for that. I should find out in a few weeks time! However, thats not until October, so I’ll definitely be keeping eyes peeled for some bits in between!

LOVING: Getting back into workout classes! I’ve really missed them during my training, but now I’m not training, I want focus on building my strength! Plus I’ve missed this gang of awesome ladies!!

SAVORING: The quiet evenings to myself, especially after a crazy day at work!

BUYING: A few items in the Black Friday sale, as well as a couple of Christmas gifts. As I mentioned before, I still haven’t touched the sides of my list yet…!

FEELING: Content and warm. I’m very much looking forward to some time off, a sense of relief and relaxation will flow through my body on Wednesday evening, I’m sure of that. It’s been nonstop for months and this break has come at the right time. For both my employers and I.

Inspired, always, by Heidi, for these posts <3

Much love, friends, have a great week!

Emma xx


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