Westin Rise and Run photo shoot

Saturday morning, 4am, and I’m climbing into a car with Charlie, about to head off to London to be part of a very exciting photoshoot! All I had been told was to wear a pair of black leggings, so was very excited to see what the day had in store! It was cold and wet as we made our way to our meeting place, outside the Tate Modern. Here we congregated with a few other runners/friends of Charlie’s and waited for the film crew to arrive.

Once we had been briefed on the plan for the day, we headed to a van where we could keep our bags, stay warm and wait to be called to start the shoot. I’m so thankful for all the layers we were given, along with a Westin t-shirt to wear and a pair of New Balance trainers.

We started, and spent the first few hours of the morning, on the Millennium Bridge, where lots of photos and some filming was taken. It was freezing cold, but so quiet, empty and we got to witness the most beautiful sunrise. After a breakfast and coffee break, we split up and made our way along the Thames to Blackfriars Bridge and Southbank. Here more filming was done, individually and in the group. When we weren’t in front of the camera, it was really nice to chat to everyone and get to know them a little more. We spoke about our year of races and running triumphs, along with plans for 2019, both running and in general life.

Around lunchtime, the final shots were taken and we were ‘dismissed’ from our running duties. We made our way back to the van to collect our belongings and said our goodbyes.
I really enjoyed being part of this shoot for Westin Hotel’s new running club, Rise and Run. They’re about to open a new hotel on the Thames, and will offer a free monthly running club, starting on the 8th January! You can find out more information, times, the location and sign up, by clicking this link – https://www.runwestinlondon.co.uk/
I know Charlie will be there for the first 5k run, so if you can, why don’t you take yourself down. I wish I could be there!

Thank you, Charlie and Westin, for a fun morning of running and meeting new friends! Wishing you all the best with your new hotel and the running club!

Emma xx


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