Happenings 3.5.19

I can’t believe we are now in May! April flew by and was an amazing month. Let’s hope this one is too! As always, this post is inspired by Heidi.

Doing: Sat on the sofa with one dog on my lap and the other firmly asleep on my foot. We are dog sitting our friends dogs and absolutely loving it! Having four legged friends back in the house is wonderful, especially since we recently lost our pooch, Oscar.

Hearing: The snoring of the smallest dog nestled on my lap.

Drinking: Water but craving a cup of tea but we’re about to take one of the dogs out for a walk, so I’ll wait until after. Shortly followed by a bath!

Eating and Cooking: Lots of seasonal fresh greens and sweet, juicy strawberries (from England) that have just started hitting the supermarkets. Also not forgetting the daily coffee, or two!

Wanting: A lot of things…! Mostly a new pillow, which I finally ordered last night. I can’t wait for it to be delivered, because my neck is so sore from the old crappy one I currently have. Also wanting all the warm food, tea, cosy clothes as it seems that winter has returned!!

Looking: Forward to a fun month. Involving family, friends, and running adventures! I’m taking on day 1 (50km) of the new London Revolution Trails next Saturday, and I can’t wait! I’ve also got a few local 5 and 10k races that I’ve signed up for, and I get to look after my goddaughter for a weekend <3 

Deciding: A lot of things…too much to mention, so maybe lets just leave it there…

Enjoying: The light, early mornings and longer evenings. On the days I run before work, I get to see the sunrise, and recently its been the most beautiful sight. Returning home from work in daylight has also made a huge difference, and I feel like I have a longer evening at home.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy (mostly at work because we don’t have Sky at home) and the recent series of Line of Duty – which ends tomorrow!! I’m gutted about this as I enjoy watching a little TV now and again.

Reading: Not as much as I’d like to. I started a book a few weeks ago but I’ve abandoned it, which I’m not happy about. I love reading, especially before bed, but I have been quite tired recently and fallen fast asleep the moment my head has hit the pillow.

Wearing: Allllll the sports wear! Haha! My boss gave me some beautiful leggings for my birthday, which are so comfy! I’ve also fished out my floaty tops, hoping Summer, or even Spring, will make an appearance soon!

Buying: Some running shorts – FINALLY! Thanks to Charlie for posting about them, and a reasonable price for the brand. Looking forward to trying them out soon.

Planning: Fun weekends with friends and family.

Craving: My supper – which I will start once I’ve finished this!!!!

Loving: Pretty much everything in my life at the moment. Especially the wonderful bunch of friends and family I have, who love and support my unconditionally.

Savouring: The dog cuddles and walks with our friends dogs. I really miss the company of a dog, but that will all change after the summer.

Playing: Catch up with sleep. I’ve felt exhausted recently, so have been making the conscious effort to get to bed early most nights. With my early mornings, early nights are the only way I’m going to get the sleep I need at the moment.

Feeling: Tired…with a big event next weekend, I’m prioritizing sleep next week. Also very fed up with the cold weather we have at the moment, and praying it changes soon.

Much love to you all, enjoy the long weekend, and thank you for reading.

Emma xx



  1. May 7, 2019 / 12:37 pm

    Ooooooh the 50k sounds mental! Huge good luck 🙂

    • activegirlliving
      May 7, 2019 / 12:46 pm

      Thanks lovely 😘

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