Tough Mudder Classic

Shivering, and soaked from head to toe, I told myself last year that I would never do a Tough Mudder again…well that didn’t quite stick…!

11am Sunday morning, and I’m in the car with Laura, and her husband Neil (our photographer for the day), making our way to the Mudder field, in Fawley. Here we met the rest of the team, checked in and took our ‘before’ photos. We arrived with a good amount of time so that we weren’t hanging around for too long, as it was cold, before the warm up started. It was 12.15pm. No going back now!

Like I remember last year, the warm up was pretty epic! A lot of humor, jumping around and wishing each other good luck. The atmosphere was buzzing, everyone was pumped and ready to go!

The first part of the course is dry and the obstacles include climbing over walls, trekking through the forest, running up Everest and piggybacking each other through the woods. We then reached the water and mud…we experienced the Block Ness Monster, Quagmire, Leap of Faith, and Hydrophobia, where many fears were conquered and realized. The water was absolutely freezing cold water but it didn’t stop us from completing the obstacles! You can find out more about all 25 obstacles here!

Making our way back towards the village/finish line through the woods and over the hills, our spirits were still high. We were so close, only three more obstacles to go! I’m hugely grateful for Philippa for staying by me as we climbed the pyramid and ran through the electroshock therapy together, trying not to face plant into the mud at the end. I, however, wasn’t so lucky avoiding that!

With everyone done, we made our way through the finish line, grabbed our t-shirts and other goodies before having the final photos taken. We were done, with big muddy smiles on our faces, we were so happy to have finished!

I can’t thank this awesome lady, who I get to proudly call my friend and PT, for a truly fabulous day! Your love, passion and dedication to your job shows through on each and every one of your clients (all members of this team) You got us through shoulder high water, mountains of mud and showed us we can all conquer our fears.

The stiffness is real and the bruises keep appearing, but I wouldn’t have missed out on this day for the world! Thank you to all of you for a fantastic day and a MASSIVE well done to everyone who took part – on Saturday too, at the 5k! I have to say, I am contemplating signing up for next year…!!!!!!

I hope you have all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and thank you, as always, for reading! Much love.

Emma xx


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