Pretty Muddy 5k

For the past couple of years (minus last year!) I’ve taken part in the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k, to raise money for cancer research, with Laura and members of the LPPT team. From 6 to 29 members in just four years, it’s been really nice having more of the ladies, and gentleman, join us!

The plan was to walk the entire course, as in previous years we had ran it, causing a few people to get lost or left behind. Laura had organised a photographer, who was fantastic, and a number of family members cheered us on around the course!

We started at 11am, shortly after a very enthusiastic warm up. The weather was great, quite mild and the sun popped out here and there. The buzz was electric and everyone was raring to go.

To start off, the obstacles are very easy…leading us into false pretences of what’s to come. Now, Laura being the fitness instructor that she is, wasn’t going to let this be a walk in the park…between obstacles she challenged us with burpees, lunges and mount-climbers, entertaining all the other participants and Marshall’s!!

Hatty and my mum having a chat whilst we did burpees 😂

Quickly we were greeted with our first water obstacle. We had to make our way through ankle deep water, on our hands and knees, under a net. Whilst being sprayed with cold, muddy water. We got absolutely soaked and were in all in hysterics!

Once we all made it through, we walked on to more obstacles, with more random exercises thrown in between. And, of course, more mud and cold water!

Up a few hills, round the back of the park and back down towards the final, and my favourite, obstacle.

With faces, mouths, underwear and shoes full of muddy water, we made our way over the finish line together, and we were done!

A really wonderful morning, with a fun, smiley, happy and friendly group, who I’m all so lucky to know and have as friends. Well done to everyone, first timers and those returning for another year. If you haven’t been put off by the amount of showers needed to get the mud off and out of your clothes, hair and shoes, then I can’t wait to see you all again at next years race!

A wonderful event to raise money for such an important cause. If you hear of an event near you, I highly recommend you take part, with friends/family or on your own. It really is a laugh!

A massive thank you to Gintas for your amazing photography, Laura for putting together and making the day so much fun and the whole team for bringing your smiles, enthusiasm and laughter!

Hope you are all enjoying the heat, I’m currently visiting friends in USA and it’s hot here too! Stay cool and hydrated friends, and enjoy!

Emma xx


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