Happenings 20.9.19

Doing: Sitting in my favourite coffee shop eating poached eggs on sourdough (standard)

Hearing: The new coffee machine doing its thing.

Drinking: Soya flat white. I was recently on the oat milk band wagon (you may have inspired me Heidi, to get back on it!) but for now, I’m going back to being a creature of habit!


Looking: For Christmas presents. Yes, I am aware its only September, but I love to get ahead of the game and it saves my bank account from looking VERY sad in December!

Deciding: What to have next week, meals wise. I’ve got my eye on a few from a very exciting book!

Enjoying: This beautiful, sunny and unseasonably warm weather we are having. Making the most of it by wearing my favourite summer dresses and being outside soaking up all the vitamin D!

Eating and Cooking: Pretty much everything but my go to at the moment is a bowl of yogurt, frozen berries and homemade granola! Fresh fruit, seasonal veggies and light fresh dishes have been on the menu too. My appetite has FINALLY appeared and boy is it big. Marathon hunger is a real thing and it is REAL right now!

Watching: The new series of The Great British Bake Off, Gogglebox (our Friday night thing) and the occasional episode on Netflix but otherwise I don’t watch tv. I don’t have the mental brain power to concentrate and I’d rather be getting the sleep at the moment. I’m extremely exhausted, more so this training cycle than others, and I’ve not been sleeping great, so I’m prioratising it right now!

Reading: The Horse Dancer by JoJo Moyes, that I had eyed up from my mum over the summer. She finished it in a week, whilst on holiday, so I was very happy when she handed it over. I’ve only read a few chapters but so far I’m enjoying it!


Wearing: My favourite, and bargain dress, from ME+EM. A friend introduced me to the website and although it is on the pricier side for me, their sales are fantastic!

Buying: Not much….trying to save as much as I can at the moment. However, I fly to Chicago in 3 weeks, so no doubt I’ll be spending all the money then!!

Planning: Next weeks meals, my running schedule and what I need to do before I fly to America.

Playing: Catch up with my to do list. Birthday cards, paying bills, all that fun stuff!

Craving: Chocolate cake! And I have chocolate cake right next to me!! From the cafe I also had lunch in!


Savoring: The last of these summer days. I can feel Autumn’s arrive is imminent, the mornings are definitely cooler, the leaves are starting to change and I’ve enjoyed some of the most amazing sunrises this week.


Loving: My early morning runs, seeing the sunrise and being awake before most people. Oh and hot yoga. Saving my sore muscles!

Feeling: Exhausted. It’s peak week. I have 20 miles to run on Sunday and I’d be lying if I said I felt okay about it. I’m s**ting myself and nervous as hell, but knowing I’ve got a few friends and a local 10k “race” to get me through the last 6 miles, is making me feel that little bit better…

This post, as always, is inspired by Heidi.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Emma xx



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