LPPT FitHub aka my second home!

I’ve been saving this post for a while now because it deserves the time and passion, just like Laura has and gives to all her clients and classes. I can’t quite believe it’s been four years since I rocked up to the Henley Rugby club AstroTurf, with a friend, to Laura’s Bootcamp and have never looked back!

To be honest, and from what I can remember, I definitely wasn’t sure what I was about to get myself into but it clearly didn’t put me off. I was welcomed with open arms by Laura and a lovely group of ladies. Every Saturday morning at 9am, rain, ice, frost or sun, we would be out flipping a tractor tyre, running up and down the turf with bags on our backs, doing rounds of burpees, oh the list goes on! Now, not all her classes were outside. She had a small studio, where she held evening weekday classes as well as PT during the day. I attended at least one a week and absolutely loved them. Alongside my running, which I’d only just picked up, I was enjoying being part of this great team 🙂

A few months later, and my mum started joining us on Saturday morning. She really enjoyed it and also started coming to the weekly evening classes. We’d made some lovely friends and even bought friends with us to trial the classes. I could feel myself getting stronger and was really enjoying the sessions.

Fast forward a few years and Laura breaks the news that she has to move from her building. Now for us, it was a plus, as she was moving closer to where we lived but outside of Henley. Unfortunately for some, the journey was going to be too far, meaning they could no longer come. Sad to say goodbye but we’ve not lost contact.

With one door closing, another one opened, bringing more opportunities for Laura and her growing business. The building she’s moved into is bigger, FitHub became the new name, word quickly spread and more people started attending her awesomely hard sessions. She had increased her weekly classes and now holds two on Saturday morning, providing everyone with options to exercise and fitting it in around families and general life.

Now, not all the fun happens at the Hub. Although she hates to admit/do it, Laura has joined and even organised quite a few runs. At first we would head to some of the local 5k and sometimes 10k, races together, shortly followed by few more friends joining us. Soon groups were being formed and now a both Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k and Tough Mudder, have become yearly events! And we can’t forget the social side of things, outside the hub including brunches and an annual night out!

Rewinding back a bit, I approached Laura about her being my PT. I’d unfortunately had to say goodbye to my PT in Oxford at the end of the summer last year and couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather have, or trust, to keep me strong and injury free. I was thrilled when she said yes, and over a year, 2 ultras and 2 marathons later, I have a lot to owe her. Not only has she changed me for the better but she’s been one of my biggest supporters and I can’t thank her enough.

So, Laura, thank you for another wonderful, hard, sweaty, fun and awesome year of friendship, laughter, smiles and fun. Its been wonderful to see both you, and your business grow so much and it’s been a privilege to be part of the journey! Here’s to 2020, I can’t wait to have you by my side as I take on London Marathon again (not literally) plus everything else that it may hold!

Much love and thanks, always, Emma xx


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