Happenings 17.1.20

Hello Friends! Happy New Year!! A little later into January than I had planned, but its not February – so that’s a plus!!! Here’s a happenings post to start the year, happy reading!

Doing: Sat in one of my favourite cafes eating breakfast and drinking coffee after a run with a friend.

Hearing: The sound of the coffee machine buzzing away and the couple chatting with an old friend next to me.

Drinking: The most delicious soya flat white!

Eating + Cooking: Eating a LOT! Marathon hunger has smacked me in the face and I have an appetite of a horse. I’m quite glad, as I struggled last training cycle with hardly any appetite, and I’m hoping this time, it stays! I’m making sure I get a lot of iron into my diet too, as it really helps with tiredness, that seems to be quite bad at the moment.
Cooking wise, I’ve not done a lot recently, except for the girls who I nanny for. I am very lucky in the fact that I come home from work and my mum has supper waiting for me. I’m very spoilt but equally feel very guilty that I don’t contribute to cooking. However, I certainly make up for it on my day off and at the weekend!
As a household, we meal plan for the week ahead, at the weekend and generally cook a lot of veggie and fish recipes, from cookbooks, weekly recipes in The Times Magazine and a lot from people I follow on social media. I’ve been really craving all the fresh, steamed vegetables and baked fish as well as cold fruit! Very random, I know!

Wanting: Payday and January to be over…WHY is it such a long month after Christmas, total torture if you ask me!!

Looking: forward to a lie in and a quiet weekend. I haven’t had one since Christmas, and after being ill over the festive period, I feel I need a slow and quiet few days to catch up with myself and enjoy not rushing around.

Deciding: What food and drink to serve at my 30th birthday party!

Enjoying: Time to just sit and slowly eat and drink my warm coffee without any disruptions!

Watching: Silent Witness (oh Jack!!!), White House Farm (based on a true story) on ITV and Call the Midwife! TV at the moment is brilliant, especially because I save it for the end of the week/weekend to watch after my long run!!

Wearing: All the active wear! Ha! Currently in my favourite and super cozy Sarah Marie Design jumper, that I have had so many comments on!

Buying: Not a lot. As always, trying to save as much as I can.

Planning: My 30th birthday party. Hoping to finalise the plans this weekend!

Craving: Chocolate Chip Cookies!! Haha, and I have a friend who’s on the case!!!!

Loving: Running with friends! It definitely makes the miles more enjoyable and go quicker! I really struggled last week with getting my miles in and at one point really questioned what I was doing but I am super thankful to Yasmin for joining me for most of my long run and listening to me ramble!

Playing: Catch up…with life admin, sleep, tv and myself!

Savouring: The puppy fun! As full on and crazy as Mungo can be, I know this stage is short, but fun and enjoying seeing him experience the little things in life.

Feeling: Content and relaxed. I’ve felt quite anxious and tense the past couple of weeks, especially about my training. I wasn’t sure how I would mentally feel with juggling the runs, work etc and how my body would take to having the miles ramped back up. Admittedly I was very nervous, and despite a little niggle on my shin, all seems well at the moment.

This post was inspired by Heidi.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a lovely weekend!

Emma xx


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  1. January 19, 2020 / 2:44 am

    Happy 30th Bday planning! So excited to read about how you choose to celebrate this year! 30 is a big year … which does make me wonder, you mentioned living at home with you mum & dad but do your siblings also still live at home too? Do you have plans to move out in the future? I just took the big jump at the end of 2019 and I will be turning 30 in July! Eek! It was scary but I am loving the independence now! šŸ„³

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