My first RunThrough race!

Sunday morning, the wind is howling outside and I think I can hear rain pattering on my bedroom window. Storm Ciara is in full swing and I’m feeling smug for getting my long run in yesterday with a friend, so we didn’t have to face this horrific weather!

That said, I was signed up to run my first RunThrough race, with Laura and the LPPT team, at Newbury race course. There were three distances – half marathon, 10k and 5k. I had signed up for the 10k and everyone else signed up for the 5k. After a rare slow morning, it was time to face weather, and the racecourse! There was quite a lot of us taking part and for some it was their first 5k, which I was extremely excited about!

We gathered in one of the event rooms that had been set up for the morning, where we could safely leave bags, use the bathrooms, and take shelter from the rain pouring down and wind blowing a gale, outside. If we didn’t have this, the event would have been cancelled. We arrived a little before 10.30, enough time to collect our bibs and sort ourselves out, before warming up and setting off at 11am.

I was also super lucky to meet one of my fellow Brooks Run Happy team members – Guillaume! His wife was running the 5k and he was spectating!

We started off on time, the rain and wind had settled slightly and I felt good! This was purely 6 shake out miles after my long run the day before. The course took us around the grounds and out on a stone covered part of the racecourse. I initially thought we were doing laps of the actual course, but was nicely surprised with the route they’d planned.

Steve and I stuck together for the first 5k and I waved him off as he finished, and as I started my second lap. I really enjoy running with him, he keeps a great pace and conversation 🙂

After waving him off, I continued to feel good and ready to take on the last 3 miles. As I passed the entrance and made my way on to the racecourse itself, I noticed the wind and rain had picked up. To my right, out of the corner of my eye, I could see very dark skies and a few minutes later, a flash of lighting and rumble of thunder. I knew this wasn’t good, so I picked up my pace as the rain got heavier. It then started hailing. I continued to keep a fast pace and as I headed back towards the finish, the head wind, rain and hail was getting worse. I was using my arm to shield my face and at one point started walking, just to see if it made any difference. It didn’t! I had no choice but to keep running, I was so close to finishing now and the volunteers were wonderful at cheering us all on.

As I came round the corner, past the event room, to my surprise Laura and the rest of the team were there waiting to cheer me in. I was beaming with happiness and felt so grateful to all of them for standing out in the pouring rain! I ran as fast as I could, through the finish line and was immediately hugged by Laura! I was absolutely soaked but smiling so unbelievably hard! I grabbed my medal and we made our way inside.

Photos taken and flapjack consumed, we changed out of half of our rain soaked clothes and made our way back to the cars. Despite the weather, I am extremely proud of every single one of these guys. They all did amazingly well and should wear/hang that medal with pride!

Being together and part of this team is truly wonderful and we have so much fun together – both inside and out of the hub!

Home, via the costa drive through to get coffee and hot chocolates – skinny ones I might add 😉, I climbed into the bath to warm myself up.

My first experience of a RunThrough race was a brilliant one. All the volunteers and organisers were so supportive and informative. I want to send a hug thank you for not cancelling and putting together a safe and fun event – I’ll definitely be signing up for more!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Emma xx


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