Brooks Run Happy Team – class of 2020

At the beginning of the year I was chosen to be part of the Brooks Run Happy Team and couldn’t have been more excited! An absolute privilege and honour to be part of an amazing team to represent a brand I love and continue to inspire people to run.

We weren’t told much on our “invitation” except that we would be meeting in Hammersmith for an afternoon of learning, meeting the team and lots of fun! I jumped on the train mid morning on Friday, coffee in hand, having planned to meet a few of the team at Paddington. We travelled together to the venue and welcomed with open arms to this –

Goodies awaiting us, alongside a bag of kit!

With many hellos said, we all sat down to be told what to expect for the afternoon ahead. We introduced ourselves by playing a quiz game and then the “classes” began. We were mixed up into three groups and rotated our way round the three “classes” which consisted of Photography, Technology and History.

Learning all about that perfect shot!
Technology lesson!
Taking us back to where it all began!
Between “classes” we got to have a bit of fun….here I am with Jez (he runs every race in a Stormtrooper outfit – legend!)
And Dan, our very own running banana!!!

With a bit of learning done and some things to take away and put into practice, it was time to run in the new Hyperion Tempo, that we had kindly been gifted!!! We were split into two teams, we ran first and the other team did a yoga class.

Let’s go!
So lovely spending the day with this lady 🙂
An amazing bunch of people!

Back from the run, it was our turn to be treated to a easy, stretchy yoga class. An experience, to say the least, for some of the members of the team!!! Runners back, pizza delivered and eaten, we were then told more about the Brooks partnership with Parkrun – which I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little bit long for some more information!!

Soon our day was over and it was time to head home. With a massive smile on my face and some very tired legs, I made my way to the train feeling very content and happy. I’d had the best day. It was so lovely to meet everyone and I can’t express how kind, welcoming, friendly and hugely inspiring every single person is. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds with them!

The most beautiful sunset in Hammersmith!

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!

Emma xx


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