1 month of being furloughed and lockdown life

A friend, who always comments on my blog posts (because, truthfully, I never thought anyone even read them), recently made a suggestion to me about what I should post about. I really like it when anyone gives me ideas, as I do find it hard to find things to write about. So please do comment or let me know what you’d like me to post about!


I can’t quite believe it’s been a month since Boris Johnson announced lockdown. Like many of you, I wasn’t surprised. Other countries at this point had already called their lockdown and set stringent rules for the public to follow. Listening to him make the announcement was…mixed. My heart was in my throat, I felt nervous, anxious and worried but also relieved – it was the right decision. The seriousness of this situation had finally hit home. Hard.
A few moments later, I got a call from my boss. He told me, nicely, that I shouldn’t come back into work and agreed to touch base once they had figured out the next step and discuss then. Going to bed feeling exhausted, and life as we knew it, was about to change.

The next day I woke up feeling all out of sorts. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to take myself for a run to get out for some fresh air. We were now only allowed to exercise outside, once a day.
Later on I had a call from my boss, explaining that the only option they had was to put me on furlough (temporary leave). I’d seen this word floating around a few days prior to lockdown but didn’t look into it. It means that I will be paid 80% of my salary, from my boss, who is then reimbursed by the government. I was happy, sort of, with they had proposed by couldn’t help but feel helpless already. I knew that this plan was the best for everyone but as my bosses were still able and expected to work, from home, I felt like I wasn’t pulling my weight in the whole situation. Many friends, and my parents reassured me that I was doing my part in all of this – staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives. Hard to accept and do, and to this day, it still is.

So now the real challenge began…keeping myself in a routine and occupied.
I decided my days/weeks would be based around my usual exercise classes/activities, runs and very quickly I got myself into a loose routine. I am so thankful to my PT, pilates teacher and friends, who have kept their classes and PT going over zoom. I started looking into ways of helping the local community, by baking and cooking meals, and to help my anxiety and worries, I limited the amount of news I watch and read.
I can’t imagine being on my own through all of this and my heart goes out to everyone who is finding it hard at the moment. I want you all to know that my DM, messages, are always open if you need someone to chat to. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

As days turned into weeks, albeit slowly, I do feel like I have settled into this new way of life. Yes some days are harder than others, but I’m learning to take each day as it comes and deal with the different emotions each one brings. Alongside classes I’ve been reading, watching some TV, started Gilmore Girls again, Facetime friends and family, baking and cooking for the staff at local hospitals, helping mum sew bags and scrubs and popping out to get essentials for both us and Granny. I’ve really enjoyed these little things, as it makes me feel like I am helping and doing my part in all of this.

With many more weeks of lockdown to endure, I plan to keep the same tasks and routine in place and my aim is to finish another book.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support, love, kind words, funny quotes but most importantly to the NHS staff, service men and women, staff at the supermarkets, and anyone else going out daily to work. You are all amazing, you’re keeping this country going and I can’t thank you enough.

Take care everyone. Stay strong, positive, remember to smile and embrace the little things that mean so much at the moment. This will pass and will come out the other side.

All my love,




  1. April 14, 2020 / 11:08 am

    I also find it difficult to know what to write! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sounds like you have a good routine sorted. Stay safe x

  2. April 16, 2020 / 2:57 am

    So glad you shared this post. I think it’s important to write about what is going on currently. I wish more people would share their new “normal” routines. I know we have talked about this a lot but I am so glad that you are able to stay at home but that you know that once the orders are lifted you will have a job to go back to, so many here in the United States aren’t so lucky. Also, I am proud of my cousin who works for the NHS and in the hospitals near you … she has mentioned that the numbers in hospital have been going up and that worries me for her so I hope some of the sweet treats you make get to her ward and her hospitals! You rock and can’t wait to read your next update! Maybe your 30th Bday recap! 🙂

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