Happenings 28.5.20

How is it nearly June?! This year, in a very good way, is flying by and although its not been the year we had all planned, I’m sure its one most of us will be glad to see the back of!
In terms of my blog posts, I’ve found I’ve wanted to blog/post a lot more, now I have the time, but end up staring at a blank page for a long time and unsure
of what to write.

So, I’ve decided to do one of my favourite posts, summing up the past month and, as always, inspired by my friend Heidi.

DOING: Sitting in the garden. A place I’ve spent the majority of this lockdown, enjoying the beautiful sunny and warm weather we have been having. 

HEARING: The odd bird singing away and a neigh or two from the horses in the field behind our house. 

EATING AND COOKING: Wow, where do I begin?! Thanks to a friend, who kindly gifted me some of his sourdough starter when mine died, I’ve pretty much mastered the sourdough baking. I currently have loaves coming out of my ears, thanks to another friend, who gave me a gorgeous cookbook called Aran for my birthday and has, in my opinion, the best sourdough loaf recipe I’ve found! The book has some other gorgeous recipes from croissants to cakes and even salads – perfect for these hot days we’ve been having. 

There will be a separate post about all the baking I’ve done, so sit tight for that one! 

Being home, I’ve also had the chance to do more cooking for myself and my parents, which I have really enjoyed. I love nothing more than to get lost in a recipe, explore new flavours and ingredients but mostly use it to switch off from everything going on around me. We have also been having local fruit and vegetable boxes from local cafes and businesses delivered, and for the past couple of weeks, have based our week night meals on the contents of the box. Again, it gives us less choice and allows us to be more creative and try recipes we wouldn’t normally choose. 

WANTING: Life to go back to normal, although I know it never fully will. I want to be able to hug my goddaughter and friends, family, race again and enjoy going out to eat, the cinema and sit in coffee shops. Little things I guess I took for granted, but will cherish even more now. 

ENJOYING: Online Zoom classes. Be it PT, Pilates, foam rolling and many of Laura’s classes. I’ve enjoyed still being able to see friends and workout “together”, have a chat and laugh. And FaceTimes and calls with friends and family!

Our lockdown rules were also lifted recently, and we can now meet one other person outside, 2 metres apart. Charlie and I jumped at this opportunity to get a run in together and it was wonderful!!!

LOOKING: Forward to a new start. Goodbye’s are so hard and I have really struggled digesting being made redundant. Being a nanny is an extremely intimate job and caring for little ones, it’s hard not to become attached. However, I know it will get easier as time goes by and I have many wonderful memories with that family.

DECIDING: On a change of career, although it’s been a little trickier than I originally thought. I have always wanted to be a midwife and I feel like now is the right time to go for it. I’m SO thankful and lucky to still be living at home, and after a big discussion with my parents who instantly said they’d support me whatever, I applied to some universities. Sadly, I didn’t get accepted, a kick in the gut, but it hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dream.

WATCHING: Not a great deal, however, I recently finished a Netflix series called Sweet Magnolia. I suggest you all run, don’t walk to your tv’s, because I highly recommend it! Admittedly it does take a few episodes to get into BUT then it suddenly takes off and let me tell you now, you’ll be wanting series 2 to arrive ASAP!

I’ve also been working may way through Gilmore Girls, and I’m absolutely loving it – why did it take lockdown to get me to watch it, I don’t know! Big thanks to Sophie for getting me hooked!

Other Netflix series I can really recommend are – Outer Banks, Unforgotten and my favourite, Cheer.

READING: I had started ‘The Giver of Stars’ by JoJo Moyes a few weeks ago, however, I haven’t picked it up since. To be honest, I’m finding settling down with a book quite hard at the moment, maybe my head just isn’t in the right place for a book but I’m sure I’ll pick it up again soon. Or in fact, make myself pick it up!

PLANNING: How to get some healthcare experience, which is obviously not the best time to be doing so, as all mother and baby groups and breastfeeding clinics aren’t running and I’m not sure how open armed hospitals are at the moment. However, I shall continue to reach out.

BUYING: Nothing other than fresh fruit and vegetables from local markets/small businesses and the essentials – coffee being top of the list here! There is nothing I need, nowhere to go and spend money, so for now I’m saving it. 

CRAVING: Cold fresh fruit, salads and light meals. Standard summer cravings! Also Kombucha. My favourites are Equinox – Ginger – and L.A Brewery, however I find this one really hard to find! I managed to come across two bottles at a local cafe I popped into the other day and treated myself.

WEARING: Basically Sweaty Betty or Lululemon….both brands are just so comfy and I spend a lot of my weeks doing at least a class a day! I can’t remember the last time I wore “real” clothes! Haha!

I love this Sweaty Betty running T-shirt! Great for cooler mornings/days. I got it in the sale last year so not sure if it’s still around!

LOVING: This amazing weather we’ve been having. It’s made getting out for a run so much more enjoyable! I also highly doubt I/any of us will get to travel abroad this year, so having this hot, sunny spell has slightly made up for it. Travelling and exploring new countries is definitely one thing I’m going to do more of when this is all lifted.

PLAYING: Scrabble! My mum and I really enjoy a game in the afternoon or evening, making the most of being outside in the warm summer heat.

I’ve also taken part in a few virtual races put together by Brooks and a friend!

SAVOURING: This time off, at home. I still do feel very guilty that I am not working but with a career change hopefully on the horizon, I don’t know if I’ll ever get this time again. So I’m soaking up the slow mornings, lazy afternoons, for now, and trying to let the guilt go…

FEELING: A real mix of emotions. My mood definitely differs from day to day but I’m learning to just take it as it comes and ride it. It’s definitely been a tough few weeks, and I know I’m not the only one who has experienced job loss alongside other troubling moments.

Sending much love to you all and leaving you with this quote that my aunt posted recently.


Much love, stay strong,

Emma xx



  1. May 29, 2020 / 4:38 pm

    Training to be a midwife sounds exciting – good luck with that x

    • activegirlliving
      May 29, 2020 / 7:46 pm

      Thank you!!! X

  2. May 30, 2020 / 2:59 am

    I believe that every day is a lesson and we get the option as to whether we will learn the lessons or if we will stay stuck in the past now wanting to change. I know for me I’ve had my fair share of life’s challenges lately and I have had to learn to find the light in the darkest moments and because of friendships like yours those lights (in the dark night) have gotten brighter. I know for example that you will find the perfect UNI for you to get your degree at. In the meantime you will become an even better baker, will have growing relationships with your family/friends, and fingers crossed found the PERFECT coffee! Can’t wait for the baking post! <3

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