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I’ve struggled with my digestion/stomach issues for a few years now and after taking a pretty horrid acne drug, eventually, I decided to seek advice from a nutritionist to get some help. She recommended a few changes to my diet alongside probiotics. I’d heard about probiotics and the benefits from them but it wasn’t something I ever considered or investigated further. I was recommended a brand and started there.

After years on that same probiotic, I started to notice I wasn’t experience the same benefits I once had from them. After doing a bit of reading and research, I decided maybe it was time for change, and that’s when Symprove popped into my head. I’ve followed them for years on social media and have many, many friends/followers who use it and highly recommended it. I was kindly gifted a box of 4 bottles and excited to give it a go!

If you didn’t know, Symprove is a water based formula derived from germinated barley, is “packed full of live, active bacteria”, suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it’s dairy and gluten free, and comes in two flavours – original and Mango and Passion Fruit. Best kept in the fridge, it differs from other probiotics because its water based and built to survive the harsh environment of the stomach by entering the gut alive. It then thrives and multiples to help support the microbiome and balance the bacteria in the gut.

I’ve been taking Symprove for over a month now and I’ve definitely got some mixed feelings about it. I want to be honest, not only to my readers, but to the brand too. I feel it’s important to be open and also acknowledge the fact that what may work for one person, doesn’t always work for another.

After a few days of taking it, I noticed my stomach wasn’t happy and I thought this may happen. I stuck with it and continued to take it every morning before breakfast. Now, rookie error on my part, I asked for the original flavour, and I won’t lie, it doesn’t have the nicest of tastes…It reminds me of a flavourless kombucha. Knowing they have a flavoured option, I should have gone for that! That aside, after a few weeks, my stomach really wasn’t happy still. I just put it down to the change and possibility that this was stronger than my previous probiotics but having stuck with it a few more weeks, I decided to stop. I couldn’t take how uncomfortable it made me feel. I just felt quite icky all the time, constantly in the bathroom, bloated and just not happy.

I’m super, super grateful to Symprove for kindly sending me their product to try. The experience was good, I’m glad I’ve tried something new but I feel I’ll be heading back to the drawing board and to do some more research.

A massive thank you, again, to Symprove. I will continue to follow and support you on social media and I’m happy to share my experience and answer any questions that anyone has about their product!

Thanks for reading and hope you had a lovely weekend in the last of the summer sun!

Emma xx


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  1. September 21, 2020 / 3:02 am

    I’m proud of you for giving this your best shot BUT I am SO SO SO glad that you stopped taking it. I was rather worried about you when you mentioned not feeling well while taking this. I hope you find something that helps a bit more.

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