Virtual London Marathon

Well, this is a tad later than I expected, BUT I figured it would be something for you all to enjoy and relive (for those who ran it) again!

The week leading up to ‘race day’ was very much a hit the ground running situation! I’d just finished my first 2 weeks in my new nanny rota job, Cortney was visiting and we had so much fun things planned from coffee and cake to brunch dates and a few easy runs in between.

On Friday afternoon we packed up my car and heading down to Portsmouth to stay with Anna and Kyle for the weekend. It felt so good to see them again, be together and catch up.

On Saturday morning we got up slowly and ran to brunch. We went to a new cafe that Anna had stumbled upon along the seafront. It was cute, the coffee was good and so was the food. Unfortunately it was a pretty grim and wet day, so the views weren’t the greatest, but still a lovely morning!

The rest of the day was spent doing a spot of shopping and legs up resting on the sofa. We went over the route, that Anna had kindly planned for us, a couple of times and got ourselves sorted. After a solid meal of pasta it was up to bed for an early night with a big prayer that the rain would stop…!

Sunday morning rolled around and I got up early to eat my porridge and put the tv on to watch the start of the Elites, who were racing in London. The rain was coming down, it was dull and pretty grey but I focused on the task in hand and was excited to get going!

We started at 8am and Anna went ahead with bottles full of flour, to mark out our route. I’d also downloaded it onto my watch and had Cortney by my side. Two laps of 13 miles, around Portsmouth, and what a pretty route it was. The first lap was a lot better than the second! It felt like the rain had died down a little, Cortney and I took it easy and the amount of other runners that passed us, with their bibs on was really lovely and motivating! We cheered each other on as we passed.

Ready to go!

Around mile 10, Cortney and I decided to split, and I went on ahead. My goal was to run most of the first lap with her to make sure we both didn’t get lost and enjoy the experience together, and I’m so glad we did! At mile 13, I met Anna to change my jacket, which was soaked through. The rain and wind had picked up again but I felt great and ready to get my head down for the final lap. Down to the seafront I headed and boy was it rough. The waves were lapping over the side of the seawall, the spray was coating me and I could taste the salt in my mouth. I, stupidly, decided I would run 6 miles down to the seafront and 6 miles back to Anna’s house. Well, what a stupid idea that was. As I turned around, the wind smacked me in the face, I could barely run less than 10 minute mile. I passed Cortney as I was heading back, which was really nice and gave me a boost to carry on. Back up towards Anna’s I went and with 3 miles to go, there out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kyle, Anna and Alfie on the other side of the road, cheering me on!

Soaked to the bone, I proudly finished just as I reached Anna’s house. She was there with Kyle waiting for me, cheering me in, and boy did it feel amazing to be finished! It definitely hadn’t registered that I’d ran a marathon! Trying not to soak Anna’s floor, I stripped my wet trainers and socks off. It was so toasty and warm in their house, and I headed up to jump in the warm shower. Now we were on Cortney watch, ready to cheer her in and welcome her back!

With everyone back and dry, we headed out into the rain, again, for coffee and cake!!!! It was worth getting slightly damp again, we quickly ordered and were back on the sofa watching the women’s elite race from the morning! Feeling extremely content, happy, proud and inspired, we didn’t move from the sofa for the rest of the afternoon/evening!

Vegan chocolate cake from The Tenth Hole

On Monday morning we all got up slowly, and took our weary legs out for a dog walk to find coffee. Sadly the coffee shop was closed but it felt good to move and the sun was shining in the blue sky! We said our goodbyes to Kyle and Anna, feeling so grateful to them both for letting us stay, being amazing hosts, running miles and cheering us on in the pouring rain. It was so nice to be back together especially as we didn’t know when we would see each other again.

Again, I want to congratulate everyone who ran the virtual London marathon on that extremely wet and vile day. The conditions were FAR from ideal but we did it and I hope every single one of you feels proud. I enjoyed wearing my medal for a large part of the day!!

Emma xx


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  1. October 29, 2020 / 1:46 am

    Congrats, Emma! Such a great race. Did you take any pictures during the run? Do you think you would have fueled differently if the weather was different? How do you plan to handle your next virtual marathon?? I am sure no matter what the challenge you WILL finish! 🎉

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