Two Weeks Post Op

Well, I can’t quite believe it’s been 2 weeks since I sat in the hospital, waiting for surgery. If I’m honest, it feels like it was months ago because the days go so slowly sometimes, but wow has so much changed in a short period of time.

Recovery has been…up and down, or like a rollercoaster, as my friend described it. The first week was a lot better than the second, which I didn’t expect. I found out that the third week is where the bone is doing a lot of its healing and can be more painful – thanks to Emma, aka my hip surgery/hospital buddy, for that bit of info! Emma messaged me a few days after surgery, on Instagram, saying she in the room next to, the same day, having the same surgery as me! I’m so glad she messaged because we’ve not stopped chatting/comparing our experiences, since!! It’s nice to have someone else going through the same thing, at the same time as you. It’s reassuring and comforting to know that what we are both experiencing is all normal and part of the process. Unfortunately Emma is having her other hip operated on in a few weeks, but I’m super excited to meet her before she has her COVID test and self isolates!

Let’s rewind back to the first week for a moment…after arriving home, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. My movement was so slow that just going from one room to another was tricky. I had to think ahead of how to get around the kitchen without smacking the dog or the cupboards, with my crutches… I had the best FaceTime with Wendy and Grace, my goddaughter, which perked me up and I was able to sit/lay at a comfortable angle. As the evening drew in, I was desperate to shower and my gosh what a mission…mum had to help me with it all, from getting undressed to getting dressed again, once showered and dried. It was hard to bend down, a movement that was also not recommended, so lots of help with leggings, socks etc and shoes was needed over the next week.

My first night was mixed. It felt so good to be in my bed but I couldn’t lay on the side I wanted to/usually fall asleep on, my back and bum kept going numb and I was afraid to move too much. This was something that improved and a solid nights sleep came a good 2 weeks later…

Throughout the first few days I didn’t do much. Friends visited with gifts, flowers and cards were sent and I felt so loved and thought of. My boss dropped a very large box of fresh fruits, vegetables and bread round, from the market, which was so kind. I felt okay, my hip was a little sore and felt really stiff but had exercises to do and it wasn’t too painful. I still had the feeling of an elephant sitting on my thigh, but that soon disappeared. Things were going well, I felt good, and was embracing the rest.

My first weekend home, one of my best friends, Becky, came to stay. It was just what I needed. I hadn’t seen her in months, I was able to give her a massive hug and we spent the two days catching up, watching films and going out for brunch. Getting out of the house was also something I was craving. I wanted to see other people, different scenery and move a little, still on my crutches. When we said our goodbyes, it was hard, a feeling of being alone and trapped came over me, but I kind of expected a low after such a wonderful time.

The start of the second week was not so bright. Having not really felt “with it” for the past week, I hadn’t really realised what was happening and it soon occurred to me why I was feeling the way I was. My stomach wasn’t happy. I had a constant, dull, tummy ache, hardly any appetite and felt really nauseous. It then occurred to me that the anti inflammatories were the cause. I’d been taking them with food and an antacid to help them sit in my stomach easier but it wasn’t working. I felt rotten and decided on Tuesday to stop taking them. I hoped, deep down, that I wouldn’t have this issue but I have the most sensitive stomach, that even taking ibuprofen is a no go. On Wednesday, I was booked in for my first physio appointment but it lasted all of 10 minutes because I felt so unwell, that I then spent the next 20 minutes chatting with the pharmacist and consultant making a plan. I remember walking out of the hospital feeling rather robbed of my session, hundreds of unanswered questions floating around my mind and a bit deflated.

The rest of the week was pretty much a right off too. Christine came to visit me, who I used to work with, and bought me some yummy food. It was wonderful to see her and catch up for a bit. Mum dragged me out to town for a little stroll and coffee, just to get a bit of fresh air and change of scene. I felt so wiped out and was trying to stay as positive as I could, but I couldn’t help feeling quite down. I nestled into a few shows on Netflix, Charlie got takeaway for us one evening and we watched the Friends Reunion, my Granny and brother came to visit and finally, the sun made an appearance.

The long bank holiday was certainly welcomed with open arms because it meant I could see a few more friends. Caroline came to visit me, along with another friend and I was invited out for lunch. I managed to walk 30 minutes without crutches, which felt good. The weather was incredible and the plus was, I was starting to feel better.

Reaching the 2 week post op mark and it was time to have the stitches removed. Another step in recovery and one I was ready for. The wound felt tight and uncomfortable and I was interested to see what was lying under the bandages. The nurse was really gentle and slow, as the stitches had been tied quite tightly, and to my surprise, there was no bruising around the incisions. I slowly made my down to the riverside and joined mum for a coffee, after.

Now, the last few days haven’t been the best. I’ve been quite sore, more than normal and I’m not sure if it was due to having two days of being quite active or whether everything is healing inside – both I suspect after seeing the physio yesterday. It went well but was quite full on, lots of movement, muscle release and massage. I am sore today but it also felt good to release my tight glutes, be reassured everything is doing well and that I’m doing great. Still early days and still taking it easy, the third week is apparently where everything inside begins to heal that bit more, so stiffness is likely but movement encouraged.

Throughout the past two weeks, I couldn’t say enough thank yous to my mum for literally driving me everywhere, doing a lot for me and supporting me with all areas of this recovery, and more. I am so beyond grateful for her and literally have no idea what I would do without her!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and this week has flow by for you! Here’s to hoping the sun comes back out because this chilly, rainy weather is not welcome!

Thanks for reading, as always! E

Emma xx



  1. June 6, 2021 / 11:50 pm

    I am so glad you’ve had the surgery because that means that you can now get stronger and healthier! Do they think that this will “repair” the issue for good or will you have to have a corrective surgery again in 10-15 yrs?? I am so glad your mum has been around to help during your recovery. What has been the best part of your recovery and the worst part??

    • activegirlliving
      June 7, 2021 / 6:18 am

      Thank you 😊 I’m not sure actually, hopefully not…..I will ask though as I’m intrigued now!!
      Best part – the slow, early mornings with coffee in bed! The worst, not having the freedom to just get in the car or walk/run!

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