Happenings 5.9.21

Finally, a little life update for you all and a chance for me to write a post again – I’ve craved doing one and also really missed it!


Doing: Sat at my dining room table, in my own flat…! I can’t believe I have been here for 3 weeks already, and what a busy 3 weeks its been! I am still pinching myself that I have my own place, a dream I’ve had for years, but never imagined it would come true. I am really loving it though, the quiet, peace and my own space.

Hearing: The television in the background, not sure what’s on, but I like it for background noise!

Drinking: Kombucha, alongside a large bottle of water. It suddenly got super hot this afternoon and I was craving something cold and this is really hitting the spot! Plus its my favourite thing but a real treat as the one I like is expensive!

Eating and Cooking: Salmon, baked, with a random miso/ginger/soy sauce dressing I made up, alongside a load of roasted vegetables. I’m really enjoying roasting a large tray of different vegetables to put with meat, fish or tofu and it sets me up for a few meals in the week. Simple, quick and easy to throw together!

I, sadly, haven’t made bread in a few weeks. I haven’t yet moved my starter from my parents house, mainly because I don’t have the fridge space, but my mum has been doing an incredible job keeping it alive. She’s made a number of delicious loaves with it and I think she’s really enjoying it. I plan to only take half of the starter, as I feel it would be mean to take the whole thing from her…!

Baking wise, I made my favourite flapjacks that my friend shared his recipe with, the other day. As well as a really yummy apple cake at home and at work – both of which went down very well! I’m looking forward to doing more at/for the little boy I nanny for now.

Wanting: Summer to stay. The nights are drawing in, fast, and the mornings are now darker. Autumn is fast approaching and I’m really not ready for it. I feel like we haven’t had the best summer but with the warmer days forecast over the next week, I’ll be making the most of them!

Looking: For bits and bobs for my flat. Mostly storage for the bathroom but I’m not having much luck. It’s a big bathroom but doesn’t have much space, not that that makes any sense. I’ll keep looking, and if anyone has any recommendations on where to find a rug, I’d really appreciate it!!!

Deciding: What to get my goddaughter for her birthday! I can’t believe she turns 3 this week, utter madness how times flies and they grow up so quickly!

Enjoying: Being back at work…about 4 weeks ago I started a new nanny job with a family and their little boy. I’ve known them for a few years and so far its going really well. He’s older than the age I tend to nanny for but its a really fun, different and exciting challenge that I’m enjoying it so much.

Planning: My next trip…whilst I desperately wait for the USA to open up to international visitors (who don’t have to isolate for days/weeks before entering the country), I’ve decided to look at going up to Scotland to explore/visit areas I haven’t been to. So, if anyone has any recommendations on where to go, what to see/do etc, please let me know!

Watching: Vigil and soon, Silent Witness, on BBC 1. If you loved Line Of Duty, then I highly recommend you start Vigil! Two episodes in and finally, Sunday night/tv in general, is good again!

I also watched Mrs. Wilson on Netflix, which does require your full attention but is very gripping and only 3 episodes, so you don’t have to fully invest in it! Outer Banks and Virgin River are also worth a watch!

Reading: Nothing, which saddens me. I SHOULD make time for reading but the truth is I don’t. I do need to get back into making a habit of it, as I see so many people post about books they have read and how great they are.

Wearing: Pj’s….or living in Sweaty Betty or Lululemon…! I promise I do have normal clothes, which I have recently sorted and felt good doing. I didn’t realise I had so much that I didn’t wear.

Buying: Aside from little bits/essentials for my flat, not much. I did purchase new cycling bib shorts, because the one I do own is not as good as the reviews suggested. I should have spotted that with the price of it too but we live and learn. Let’s hope these are as good as many have said they are!

Craving: Japanese food…strange, I know, but there is a really good restaurant near to where I work that I love, and actually can’t wait to visit next week with some friends!

Loving: Having friends and family to visit, come over for coffee, breakfast/cake. I’ve been truly spoilt with cards and lovely housewarming gifts. I’m so lucky to have the most supportive friends and family.

Playing: Catch up, a little, with general organising but equally feeling very on top of, and organised, for the week ahead.

Savouring: Every moment with my goddaughter and her adorable little sister. I’m enjoying spending more time with them both, being so close, as work is round the corner. Definitely making up for the months we had apart over lockdown, after spending nearly everyday with each other from the day she was born.

Feeling: Really good. Alongside feeling really settled in both my flat and new job, physically I am also feeling really good.
My hip/recovery is going really really well. I am nearly 15 weeks post op, have started running for longer periods, completed my first parkrun on Saturday and aside from a little bit of stiffness that seems to be lingering, I am pretty much back to my normal activities/self.

Tomorrow I have my, late, 12 week post op appointment. I assume I will be checked and maybe even discharged, but I will certainly update you all on that! Then in 2 weeks I have another physio appointment where I plan to ask more about my running and what happens next.

And there you have it. As always, this post is inspired by Heidi and I hope you’ve all enjoyed a life update!

Stay well and hope you all have a great week!

Emma xx


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  1. September 7, 2021 / 1:12 am

    I am not sure I agree about wanting Summer to stay. I am so ready for fall. I love the pumpkins, leaves, gnomes, and cool nights. I am so excited that you are LOVING your new flat. I cannot wait for the day when we can all travel freely again. Just don’t rush to come to the US because of the rising numbers of COVID cases, its not the safest place to be right now.

    I wish we had access to some of your shows on BBC1 because I think I would love Vigil and Silent Witness but I guess I will have to survive without it!

    You have no need to apologize for wearing your comfies. After the past two years I’ve learned that we need to stop apologizing for our appearance and our choices in clothes. So keep wearing what you love and not what you don’t.

    Finally, I am glad you are enjoy what you’re cooking and eating in your own home. I would definitely love to know your favorite Kombucha. Also, do you need any of the fall seasonings this year??

    Sending you all the love and keep on blogging! 🥰

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