Henley 10k – furthest run post hip surgery!!

“Most of us feel on some level like horses chomping at the bit, pressing the gate, hoping and praying for someone to open the door and let us run out. We feel so much pent up energy, so much locked up talent…” Marianne Williamson

I stumbled across this quote when I was searching for the right words to explain how I felt, as I walked down to the race village last Sunday morning. I’ve not felt, I guess so ready and full of energy, on a lead up to a race before.

Saturday night I questioned myself and thought maybe I was taking things too fast, but after speaking to my coach who reassured me it was okay to go ahead with, I pushed all my doubt and nerves aside and rode that wave of pent up energy with confidence.

Charlie joined me for the run, deciding we’d run/walk and take it easy. Right now I am not focusing on pace or time, I’m concentrating more on getting the distance back in me, comfortably and safely. I know that I can do no damage, everything has healed really well and it’s time to start testing the hip a little bit more.

I’ve ran Henley a couple of times, mostly the half marathon as I’ve always used it as a long run, with miles tagged on either side. The 10k starts out on the horrific incline/Icehouse Lane, that slowly gets steeper, until you reach the corner at the top, and finally it’s all over. Having that right at the start was good to get it over with, but boy did it kill the legs for the rest of the 5 miles…!

It is a beautiful route, a few more rolling hills are thrown in with some very welcome down hills, and ends at the rugby pitch just outside of town. We finished in just over an hour, happy with our efforts, we grabbed our medals and headed back to collect our belongings. A post coffee was much needed, so we headed to the other side of town to try a new coffee shop!

This race is always very well organised and marshalled, with plenty of water stops along the way, however, I felt a little let down by the lack of photos taken on the day. It absolutely won’t stop me from doing the race again, in fact that hill probably will (!) but for the price of the race, I expected a few.

Regardless, I had the best time, it felt good to run longer and the hip did amazingly well! I was quite sore, probably from the hills, for the next few days but I took them off running and focused on stretching, sleep and did a yoga class – all very helpful in recovery! I’m so happy to be back at in person races and can’t wait to do more!

Hope you all had a great week and weekend! Here’s to another week ahead, may it be a fun, busy and good one for you all!

Emma xx


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