6 Months Post Op and a life update!

6 months…!! I definitely still have pinch me moments when I think how fast time has flown by and I see how far I have come. Living my normal active pre surgery life, well pretty nearly, feeling really good and strong.

The last few months have slowed down with my recovery and the weekly/fortnightly changes I was experiencing, have definitely become monthly and less frequent, like the consultant said. I have really noticed the sudden reduction in stiffness, although I’m holding onto a small amount mainly post run. This was definitely the hardest part of recovery for me. I would work hard in the day to move and release the hip with exercises and physiotherapy, to then have it all ping back to feeling stiff, only a few hours later. At times I felt I was going backwards but 2 steps back equalled 4 steps forward a lot of the time, and I rode the process. Gentles stretches sorts this now and it continues to worry me less everyday.
In 2 weeks I have my, late, 6 month post op appointment with one of the consultants team members. Keeping an open mind with what will happen.

Alongside giving a lot of focus to rehab and recovery, my running has increased, and am really loving it! Building the mileage has been fun and gone really smoothly. I managed my longest run of 9 miles the other day and it felt amazing. The sun was shining brightly in the blue skies and I smiled for the whole time. Speed has slowly made its way back into my plan, but only recently, and pace is still not the main focus, which I am fine with. I just want to run, and easing back in safely is my main priority!

Outside of running and the gym, work continues to go really well. I am really enjoying nannying for an older child, it’s a new challenge for me, and a fun one. During the term time, I have also been at the Orange Bakery once a week, which is local to home and I am really really enjoying it. Being able to make and bake sourdough bread alongside buns, cookies, criossants and so much more, and play around with flavours excites and makes me so happy. I have learnt so much already and am excited for all the plans both the owners, Kitty and her dad, Alex, have for the festive period.

With December on the doorstep, time I feel is quickly running away from me to get final presents wrapped and delivered, as I am off to the USA to stay with friends for Christmas and New Year. I honestly can’t wait. Mainly because I get to see and catch up with a few of my closest friends and we have some fun, festive plans already. I’m looking forward to packing a suitcase, escaping from the U.K. and as I’ll be there for New Year, I’m looking forward to starting 2022 in a different way!

So there we have it! A little life update for you all. Not hugely exciting but I mainly wanted to make sure I continued with my post op updates, especially as I have had a few people reach out to me concerned they have or will be having the same operation done. The body has, and continues, to amaze me with how it repairs and recovers.

Stay warm and safe everyone, and I hope you have had a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Emma xx



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