Well hello and I guess, a belated Happy New Year! The end of 2021/start of 2022 was definitely not what I expected it to be, I very much let everything around me slip to one side, I lost a very dear friend and basically wallowed in sadness and frustration, as yet another strain of Covid took over the world…

January was long, but equally felt quite short. Thrown back into work life, the weeks flew by and lots happened. Running is continuing to go well and I’ve started training for my first race of 2022 – Reading Half Marathon in April. My hip is doing better than I ever expected, I’m pretty much back to my pre surgery self, if not stronger and I’m feeling really good. I’ve thrown myself into the gym a bit more too, and loving it.

Lots of exciting things happened too..I was accepted onto the Brooks Run Happy Team for another year, which I am so excited and very thankful to be part of again. We’ve already received our first kit drop, including a few of my favourite items of clothing, these being the 8″ shorts and Hybrid Tights – with alll the pockets!!! – and some fun accessories too! We have our first meet up next week and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting the new team members!

I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to attend the theatre, more than once, seeing Frozen and Mary Poppins. I enjoyed both, but Frozen stole my heart and I absolutely loved it. Mary Poppins was good, but it didn’t quite give me the “wow” feeling as I left the theatre, like Frozen did. If any of you are questioning booking Frozen, I would 100% say go for it! It was magical, and I actually have no other words for it!

Being well into February already, it has also been a busy month. Full of weekends seeing and spending time with friends, lots of running and getting a bit more comfortable with cycling. Work has also been equally busy and challenging at times, especially as my charge is due to go into hospital next week. Prepping him for that has been my main priority, alongside making sure I’ve booked appointments and sorted everything with school. I’m actually looking forward to half term and a pause to breath, catch up and rest.

As the weeks roll by, there is lots more to come and I’m excited for it all. It’s definitely going to help me through the rest of the winter and lets just hope we don’t get any snow…My main countdown is to the USA in May, which I am very excited about and feel it’ll very much be needed by then. For now, its head down, focus on work and everything in between!

Thank you to everyone for their continued support, I hope 2022 is a much better year for us and I look forward to bringing more to this blog.

Happy Friday!

Emma xx


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