First month of Berlin marathon training

Where on earth have the past 4 weeks gone?! I honestly can’t believe how fast time is going at the moment. I’m in 2 minds of wanting it to slow down, but I’ve also got so many fun plans, that I can’t wait for the time to come to enjoy them!

Let’s rewind 4 weeks ago to the start of marathon training. I definitely felt like it appeared in front of me all of a sudden but I was equally excited to have the routine/structure back in my weeks and get myself stuck into making, what I hope, my sub 4 hour dream become a reality. I’ve not ran Berlin marathon before, or been to Berlin for that matter, so I am really excited to visit this city and explore it the best way, by running around it!

I’m also very excited, and very grateful, to have Charlie coaching me for this marathon. She helped me with both my NYC and Chicago marathon training, shaving a good few minutes off both my times, so I am excited to see what can be done this time round!
We’ve spent a good chunk of these 4 weeks figuring out paces and where I’m at, which has been fun, as I weirdly love speed work! Not one week has been the same, and I really like that. I think it keeps the mind and legs excited about running and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

I feel like I’ve really adapted well to settling into a routine and placing my runs around my current crazy schedule and strength training – something I wanted to make sure I got right. I am also aware I am loading my hip with more, intense cardio and want to keep it strong and injury free – along with the rest of my body!

I’ve also really enjoyed having long runs back in my life! I mean, who doesn’t love a long run?!! Haha! I’ve been exploring my surroundings a bit more and loved the light, early mornings, which have made getting up a lot easier! It’s definitely one reason why I love summer training so much. I am looking at signing up for some races, to give me a bit of race routine practice and also have people to “run with” as long runs can sometimes be a little lonely.

So all in all, I’d say training has definitely started off on the right foot and I’m excited for the what’s to come over the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading and following my journey back to running, the support you all show me is pretty incredible and I’m super grateful to you all for it!

Happy weekend friends!

Emma xx



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