6 Months Post Op and a life update!

6 months…!! I definitely still have pinch me moments when I think how fast time has flown by and I see how far I have come. Living my normal active pre surgery life, well pretty nearly, feeling really good and strong.

The last few months have slowed down with my recovery and the weekly/fortnightly changes I was experiencing, have definitely become monthly and less frequent, like the consultant said. I have really noticed the sudden reduction in stiffness, although I’m holding onto a small amount mainly post run. This was definitely the hardest part of recovery for me. I would work hard in the day to move and release the hip with exercises and physiotherapy, to then have it all ping back to feeling stiff, only a few hours later. At times I felt I was going backwards but 2 steps back equalled 4 steps forward a lot of the time, and I rode the process. Gentles stretches sorts this now and it continues to worry me less everyday.
In 2 weeks I have my, late, 6 month post op appointment with one of the consultants team members. Keeping an open mind with what will happen.

Alongside giving a lot of focus to rehab and recovery, my running has increased, and am really loving it! Building the mileage has been fun and gone really smoothly. I managed my longest run of 9 miles the other day and it felt amazing. The sun was shining brightly in the blue skies and I smiled for the whole time. Speed has slowly made its way back into my plan, but only recently, and pace is still not the main focus, which I am fine with. I just want to run, and easing back in safely is my main priority!

Outside of running and the gym, work continues to go really well. I am really enjoying nannying for an older child, it’s a new challenge for me, and a fun one. During the term time, I have also been at the Orange Bakery once a week, which is local to home and I am really really enjoying it. Being able to make and bake sourdough bread alongside buns, cookies, criossants and so much more, and play around with flavours excites and makes me so happy. I have learnt so much already and am excited for all the plans both the owners, Kitty and her dad, Alex, have for the festive period.

With December on the doorstep, time I feel is quickly running away from me to get final presents wrapped and delivered, as I am off to the USA to stay with friends for Christmas and New Year. I honestly can’t wait. Mainly because I get to see and catch up with a few of my closest friends and we have some fun, festive plans already. I’m looking forward to packing a suitcase, escaping from the U.K. and as I’ll be there for New Year, I’m looking forward to starting 2022 in a different way!

So there we have it! A little life update for you all. Not hugely exciting but I mainly wanted to make sure I continued with my post op updates, especially as I have had a few people reach out to me concerned they have or will be having the same operation done. The body has, and continues, to amaze me with how it repairs and recovers.

Stay warm and safe everyone, and I hope you have had a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Emma xx


Henley 10k – furthest run post hip surgery!!

“Most of us feel on some level like horses chomping at the bit, pressing the gate, hoping and praying for someone to open the door and let us run out. We feel so much pent up energy, so much locked up talent…” Marianne Williamson

I stumbled across this quote when I was searching for the right words to explain how I felt, as I walked down to the race village last Sunday morning. I’ve not felt, I guess so ready and full of energy, on a lead up to a race before.

Saturday night I questioned myself and thought maybe I was taking things too fast, but after speaking to my coach who reassured me it was okay to go ahead with, I pushed all my doubt and nerves aside and rode that wave of pent up energy with confidence.

Charlie joined me for the run, deciding we’d run/walk and take it easy. Right now I am not focusing on pace or time, I’m concentrating more on getting the distance back in me, comfortably and safely. I know that I can do no damage, everything has healed really well and it’s time to start testing the hip a little bit more.

I’ve ran Henley a couple of times, mostly the half marathon as I’ve always used it as a long run, with miles tagged on either side. The 10k starts out on the horrific incline/Icehouse Lane, that slowly gets steeper, until you reach the corner at the top, and finally it’s all over. Having that right at the start was good to get it over with, but boy did it kill the legs for the rest of the 5 miles…!

It is a beautiful route, a few more rolling hills are thrown in with some very welcome down hills, and ends at the rugby pitch just outside of town. We finished in just over an hour, happy with our efforts, we grabbed our medals and headed back to collect our belongings. A post coffee was much needed, so we headed to the other side of town to try a new coffee shop!

This race is always very well organised and marshalled, with plenty of water stops along the way, however, I felt a little let down by the lack of photos taken on the day. It absolutely won’t stop me from doing the race again, in fact that hill probably will (!) but for the price of the race, I expected a few.

Regardless, I had the best time, it felt good to run longer and the hip did amazingly well! I was quite sore, probably from the hills, for the next few days but I took them off running and focused on stretching, sleep and did a yoga class – all very helpful in recovery! I’m so happy to be back at in person races and can’t wait to do more!

Hope you all had a great week and weekend! Here’s to another week ahead, may it be a fun, busy and good one for you all!

Emma xx

Happenings 5.9.21

Finally, a little life update for you all and a chance for me to write a post again – I’ve craved doing one and also really missed it!


Doing: Sat at my dining room table, in my own flat…! I can’t believe I have been here for 3 weeks already, and what a busy 3 weeks its been! I am still pinching myself that I have my own place, a dream I’ve had for years, but never imagined it would come true. I am really loving it though, the quiet, peace and my own space.

Hearing: The television in the background, not sure what’s on, but I like it for background noise!

Drinking: Kombucha, alongside a large bottle of water. It suddenly got super hot this afternoon and I was craving something cold and this is really hitting the spot! Plus its my favourite thing but a real treat as the one I like is expensive!

Eating and Cooking: Salmon, baked, with a random miso/ginger/soy sauce dressing I made up, alongside a load of roasted vegetables. I’m really enjoying roasting a large tray of different vegetables to put with meat, fish or tofu and it sets me up for a few meals in the week. Simple, quick and easy to throw together!

I, sadly, haven’t made bread in a few weeks. I haven’t yet moved my starter from my parents house, mainly because I don’t have the fridge space, but my mum has been doing an incredible job keeping it alive. She’s made a number of delicious loaves with it and I think she’s really enjoying it. I plan to only take half of the starter, as I feel it would be mean to take the whole thing from her…!

Baking wise, I made my favourite flapjacks that my friend shared his recipe with, the other day. As well as a really yummy apple cake at home and at work – both of which went down very well! I’m looking forward to doing more at/for the little boy I nanny for now.

Wanting: Summer to stay. The nights are drawing in, fast, and the mornings are now darker. Autumn is fast approaching and I’m really not ready for it. I feel like we haven’t had the best summer but with the warmer days forecast over the next week, I’ll be making the most of them!

Looking: For bits and bobs for my flat. Mostly storage for the bathroom but I’m not having much luck. It’s a big bathroom but doesn’t have much space, not that that makes any sense. I’ll keep looking, and if anyone has any recommendations on where to find a rug, I’d really appreciate it!!!

Deciding: What to get my goddaughter for her birthday! I can’t believe she turns 3 this week, utter madness how times flies and they grow up so quickly!

Enjoying: Being back at work…about 4 weeks ago I started a new nanny job with a family and their little boy. I’ve known them for a few years and so far its going really well. He’s older than the age I tend to nanny for but its a really fun, different and exciting challenge that I’m enjoying it so much.

Planning: My next trip…whilst I desperately wait for the USA to open up to international visitors (who don’t have to isolate for days/weeks before entering the country), I’ve decided to look at going up to Scotland to explore/visit areas I haven’t been to. So, if anyone has any recommendations on where to go, what to see/do etc, please let me know!

Watching: Vigil and soon, Silent Witness, on BBC 1. If you loved Line Of Duty, then I highly recommend you start Vigil! Two episodes in and finally, Sunday night/tv in general, is good again!

I also watched Mrs. Wilson on Netflix, which does require your full attention but is very gripping and only 3 episodes, so you don’t have to fully invest in it! Outer Banks and Virgin River are also worth a watch!

Reading: Nothing, which saddens me. I SHOULD make time for reading but the truth is I don’t. I do need to get back into making a habit of it, as I see so many people post about books they have read and how great they are.

Wearing: Pj’s….or living in Sweaty Betty or Lululemon…! I promise I do have normal clothes, which I have recently sorted and felt good doing. I didn’t realise I had so much that I didn’t wear.

Buying: Aside from little bits/essentials for my flat, not much. I did purchase new cycling bib shorts, because the one I do own is not as good as the reviews suggested. I should have spotted that with the price of it too but we live and learn. Let’s hope these are as good as many have said they are!

Craving: Japanese food…strange, I know, but there is a really good restaurant near to where I work that I love, and actually can’t wait to visit next week with some friends!

Loving: Having friends and family to visit, come over for coffee, breakfast/cake. I’ve been truly spoilt with cards and lovely housewarming gifts. I’m so lucky to have the most supportive friends and family.

Playing: Catch up, a little, with general organising but equally feeling very on top of, and organised, for the week ahead.

Savouring: Every moment with my goddaughter and her adorable little sister. I’m enjoying spending more time with them both, being so close, as work is round the corner. Definitely making up for the months we had apart over lockdown, after spending nearly everyday with each other from the day she was born.

Feeling: Really good. Alongside feeling really settled in both my flat and new job, physically I am also feeling really good.
My hip/recovery is going really really well. I am nearly 15 weeks post op, have started running for longer periods, completed my first parkrun on Saturday and aside from a little bit of stiffness that seems to be lingering, I am pretty much back to my normal activities/self.

Tomorrow I have my, late, 12 week post op appointment. I assume I will be checked and maybe even discharged, but I will certainly update you all on that! Then in 2 weeks I have another physio appointment where I plan to ask more about my running and what happens next.

And there you have it. As always, this post is inspired by Heidi and I hope you’ve all enjoyed a life update!

Stay well and hope you all have a great week!

Emma xx

13 weeks post op and recent happenings

In the back of my mind, I’ve had the 12 week mark as a goal. It was the amount of time the physio told me it would take to get back to normal. To be given the green light to run and honestly, that 12 week mark got me through the really bad times.

Well, as you can see, I’ve swiftly passed the 12 week mark, feeling pretty back to normal and FINALLY back running. Right now it’s super short intervals but over the next 3 weeks, the physio has me increasing the running time, and I am beyond excited!!! My first run back was incredible that I actually can’t describe it. Back alongside the river, my happy place, and boy was I happy! Most importantly though, the hip felt great both during and after and I’m still trying to get my head around this new, no pain/pinching/normal feeling.

With a new job and getting back to running/doing what I did before surgery, I finally feel that things are going in the right direction. I then moved into my own place and things are looking positive, which is exactly how I feel. Most importantly though, I’m happy and I feel like me again. Thankful to those who helped and have supported me through this long period.

So the plan now is to continue with physio, my strength exercises, Pilates, mobility work, and increasing my running. I have my, late, 12 week check in 2 weeks, where I believe I get signed off, but that’s just a guess! Right now though, the difference from only a few weeks ago is huge, I’ve still got stiffness and I still can’t sit cross legged or do the pigeon pose but it’ll come, all in time.

Outside of my running/rehab life, fun things are happening. My best friend, her husband and my goddaughter, welcomed a new addition to their family. Newborn cuddles are the best and I’m very excited to be so close to them and see them more! I’ve also been able to see friends and catch up with them, which I’m looking forward to doing more of!

So friends, there we have it. This isn’t the end of my post op journey, but I feel I am through the toughest part. Again, I can’t thank you all, and my family, enough for the love, support, guidance and so much more. I never thought I’d be where I am now, but I do believe in good things come to those who wait!

Much love,

Emma xx

10 weeks post op and some news

“Time moves slowly, but passes quickly.” Alice Walker

I stumbled upon this quote and thought how fitting it is for how the past few months have gone. My recovery, and body for that matter, continues to amaze me with how it’s recovered over the past 10 weeks.

Last week, I felt I took a few steps back after being stretched and moved around a lot more than normal, by the physiotherapist. Deep down, I knew it had to happen, my range of movement was really good, stiffness minimal and it felt it was ready to be stretched to that next level. However, I didn’t expect to feel seriously sore, it effected me more than I imagined and left me feeling quite deflated and like I had taken 3 steps back. I took the rest of the week slow, continued with stretches and my mobility work and only on Saturday did I get back to my strength exercises. It’s certainly felt a lot better the last few days, which I’m really glad of.

Going into week 10, I feel very much like myself again. I had the most incredible weekend with friends, family, meeting my godson, celebrating my aunts birthday, Parkrun returned, hanging out with my brother, riding with new friends and back to yoga in person. All normal, pre pandemic happenings, that’s made me feel very happy and content.

This brings me onto my news. You are all probably wondering, now that I’m pretty much mobile enough to get back to work, what I do now. Well, I unfortunately had to say goodbye to the bakery, as sadly the income just wasn’t enough. Now I know it’s not all about money but it is high up on the list there, and although I had the most wonderful few months learning so much and gaining so much experience, I knew it was time to move on.

And with that, I have decided to go back to nannying. Today I start my new job with a family I know very well, and whom I adore. I’m going to gently ease my way back into the world of nannying and see how I get on. I’m excited to be working with a little boy who is a lot older than the age I usually look after, but a new challenge I am very ready for. Finally things are starting to look up and I’m grinning from ear to ear.

Lots of fun and exciting things to come but for now, to focus on this new challenge and enjoy getting back to what I’m truly passionate about.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! Here’s to new challenges, new beginnings and a new week. Hope it’s a good one for you all!

Emma xx