London Winter 10k Run

First race of 2018, on World Cancer Day, and what a fun and entertaining one it was, too!

Admittedly I signed up to this race because everyone else was, and didn’t really get the hype/excitement around it until I arrived in Trafalgar Square at 9am this morning! I couldn’t believe the atmosphere, the set up, the buzz from the volunteers, supporters and runners.

The start of the race didn’t quite go to plan, as I found myself running around trying to find some safety pins, which I never received in my pack, before quickly placing myself in the start line, just as they were warming up!

The route itself was really good. It was my first time running the streets of London, and I really enjoyed it. A good practice for the marathon, along with the bag drop and dealing with race day nerves/jitters etc! Yes, I still get really nervous/anxious the night before my long runs, as well running with others, stupidly!













Along the route there were dancing penguins, singers, a band, supporters and yeti’s giving high fives! At the finish line there were polar bears waiting for hugs, along with our medals, snacks and water!  I thought this was a really well organized and planned event and I can see why it sold out. A huge thank you to those who put this together, the volunteers, supporters, volunteers and runners – super well done to you all!

Once I had finished and grabbed my belongings, I headed to Timmy Green to meet my friend and have brunch. The typical poached eggs with avocado on charcoal (!) sourdough toast were consumed, along with a much needed coffee! We then made our way to Crosstown donuts, which oh my gosh were SO good, before heading home.

A really lovely weekend ending on a high, and ready to take a new week head on!
Well done again to everyone who ran today, long or short runs and those who smashed some new PB’s!

Emma xx



First Month of Marathon Training

Well, I can’t quite believe I am 4 weeks into marathon training. When I first started planning this blog, it felt like ages away that I would be sharing the start of this journey with you. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know what I’ve been up to, and I hope you will stick around and follow me! This is an experience of a lifetime and one I will remember for the rest of my life and want!

Week 1…lets just say it didn’t quite go to plan…I was suffering with tight and painful calves, my hips were also tight and my back was constantly aching. I came up with every excuse of what it could be and finally discovered it was the shoes I was running in. If there is one thing I’ve learnt so far, its sticking with the shoe that works for you. As Thomas Bertram said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and my beloved Brooks will forever be my running shoe of choice! In fact, I’ve order two pairs of the exact same model, because I love them and they work so well with my feet!

Week 2…Again, another not so great a week. I ended up skipping one of my runs, due to my calves and back. However, I did have a great training session, which felt great to move my body and get my muscles working, without pounding my body into the ground. I had a much needed sports massage and rested before my 8 mile long run. Which surprisingly went really well and my confidence was boosted again! 

Week 3…A much better week, starting off with a rest day. The little girl I look after was quite poorly, which meant lots of cuddles, a movie and baking, to make her feel better. As the week carried on I continued to listen to my body, bathed in magnesium flakes and went to my favorite pilates class. The week ended on a high with a frosty long run and a trip to Birmingham, with Charlie, to attend the National Running Show. I really enjoyed meeting Susie Chan, wondering around the stalls and listening to some great talks.

Week 4…With 5 miles to start the week, I was feeling strong and motivated, even with the dark, cold and wet mornings. However, this quickly changed with the sad news of a friend who suddenly passed away. It made me realize, even more so, how precious life is and how quickly it can change. I was determined not to let this impact the rest of my week, but make me aware of how truly lucky I am to have my health. She’s been in my thoughts and I look forward to celebrating her life, next week, with her family and friends.


So, as I prepare to enter my next block of runs, I am admittedly, feeling quite nervous about the longer runs and what is yet to come with training. However, I plan to take it head on and embrace every week with an open and positive mind. My main focus is to stay strong, which will help me, hopefully, stay injury free. All my niggles have gone at the moment – and thats the way its going to stay! I’ve been training twice a month with a trainer, whom I can’t thank or recommend enough! I crave the strength sessions, especially after a long run – anyone else experience this?! – but in general, I love them and am prepared to put my money towards them. Marathon hunger is also a real thing…I admittedly didn’t believe it at first, but now I know. It’s quite overwhelming sometimes but equally I am more than happy to eat, nourish and fuel my body, and now carry A LOT of snacks around with me!!

Alongside the training, is the fundraising. I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who has sponsored me so far. It means the absolute world that you are helping support a charity full fill the dreams of many children, as well as me. I’ve managed to raise nearly half of what my target is, and to help me raise more, I’ve planned two events. One being a curry night, in Henley, and the other is a pizza night at a local cafe just outside of Reading. So, if you live near or want to come, please do let me know! I am planning a raffle for the curry night and the pizza night will be a fun evening eating THE most delicious pizza! I’d love for you to join me but if you can’t, I’ve linked my fund raising page here, and would be extremely grateful for any donations, every little helps!  

So, as I leave behind this past month on a super high, I hope everyone else’s training is going well so far and that you too are feeling strong, positive and motivated! You are all doing so great – keep running! 

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

Emma xx

Happenings 14.01.18

This post is inspired by Heidi.


DOING: Watching ‘Friends’, that has now appeared on Netflix, whilst snuggled in bed.

HEARING: The television

DRINKING: Matcha green tea – my new obsession – by Pukka

EAT/COOKING: Lots of fresh, light but filling recipes. We got Jamie’s 5 Ingredient book for Christmas, and we’ve been planning some of our weekly meals from it. I’m also into Run Fast Eat Slow sweet potato cookies – the dream – for snacking and homemade hummus with raw carrots and cucumber sticks!

WANTING: Sleep…I can’t wait to get an early night tonight after a very active few days.

LOOKING: Forward to a few events I’ve got planned for the charity I am running London for. As well as seeing friends for a much needed catch up this week!

DECIDING: What film to watch on Netflix, please send favorites/oldies/anything!

ENJOYING: My heated blanket! THE best Christmas present I’ve received in years!

SAVOURING: Days at work, just me and the little one I look after. Soon her brother or sister will be joining the family, and work life is about to get even crazier!

WATCHING: Friends! Silent Witness, which has just started again on BBC 1, and has been a firm favorite of mine since my college days!

READING: ‘Stalker’ by Lars Kepler. A friend lent it to me, actually recommended by her mum, and I’ve just started it. So far, so good!

WEARING: THE coziest pajamas from Next.

BUYING: Not a lot…apart from a few new trainers and a very snuggly jumper, with Christmas money, that’s about it.

PLANNING: My week. Work and my life.

CRAVING: Porridge and generally all the carbs!

LOVING: Pip and Nut peanut butter on toasted sourdough!!!

PLAYING: Scrabble…nestled by the fire, with snacks, and wine. The perfect evening entertainment with my mum!

FEELING: Tired. Its been a pretty shitty week and I’m both mentally and physically exhausted. Ready to leave this week behind and start a new and positive one.

So I’ll leave you with a smile, and wishes for a good week.

Emma xx

A New Look

I can’t believe I have waited this long to write my first blog of 2018! So sorry about that guys, a lot has happened and it doesn’t feel like the 12th January!!!

I just wanted to pop by and say Hi, plus show off my new blog! I was inspired by two of my favorite bloggers, and friends, Sarah and Heidi, to take the jump and update my blog! You can find both their blog links attached.

I hope you enjoy exploring it as much as I have making it, and I will update another blog at the weekend.

Hope you’ve all had a great week back at work!

Emma xx