Compression Socks

When I started running, I had no idea what half of the stuff I know today, even existed! I would follow the runs on the couch to 5k app, complete them each week and that was that. As I started to get into running more, and then training for my first half marathon, I started to become aware of all I know now. From Fartlek runs to energy gels and everything in between, a whole new world started to emerge and my adventure began!

There was one very popular piece of running apparel I noticed a lot of my running followers wearing, and those were these long, colorful and fun looking socks. I was eager to find out more about these socks and read a few articles as well as messaged a few friends. After much speculation and finally, being recommended I get a pair, I bit the bullet and ordered some. Since then, I’ve definitely noticed the positive affects from compression and how much they really help my legs. The aim of the socks is to compress the legs, allow the blood to keep circulating and decreasing soreness. I don’t wear them during or after every run, but when I do wear them, I notice such a difference!

I discovered Rymora Sports, through recommendations, and decided to order a pair, from Amazon. They arrived promptly and I couldn’t wait to get out and try them. I enjoy variety and color co-ordinating my outfits – yes, sad I know…! – and I was excited to have another pair to add to my collection. I mean, you can never have too much running gear either, can you?!!


I was instantly impressed, before I even put them on. They are thick, so I’m thinking great for winter runs; comfy, super soft, have an eye catching design and are tight! Admittedly they are a little long and go above my knee, but that’s not a huge issue.
After a small trial run this afternoon, I can confirm they are another firm favorite of mine and look forward to wearing them again!

Do you wear compression socks/clothing? I’d love to know your thoughts on them!

Emma xx

A very honest post…

This blog is inspired by Charlie

If you haven’t been on social media recently, then your probably hiding under a rock somewhere, which I’d say isn’t a bad place to be! Recently, a lot of my feed on Instagram, especially, has been about the perfect abs, best workout to reduce fat and get into shape/be ‘summer body ready’.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get pulled into this trap, of thinking I needed to have abs/the perfect figure, because I did…
For a few weeks, it got to me and I got caught in a bubble of focusing on everyone else and not me and what my body needed. I felt down and definitely wasn’t myself, and for that I feel guilty for.
It wasn’t until my trainer messaged me one day, and told me something that I will now never forget. That one picture you see, of a set of abs or a photo of a sweaty gym workout, that is a small part of THEIR day, that they are choosing to show. The rest…is unknown.
So, why get caught up and compare yourself to that one picture? Because its so easily done. I’m in no way shaming or blaming any of the amazing people I follow. I absolutely love the support and love I get from everyone I follow and who follows me, I guess I became engrossed in wanting what I didn’t have and to look like everyone else.

Admittedly, it took a few days for me to take that step back and realize that I’ve learnt a very valuable lesson from this…To focus on ME and MY body. With the help of my trainer, I’m about to start a new running plan again, for two half marathons that happen to be a month apart and I’m not going to get anywhere if I focus on everyone else. I want to be the strongest person and runner I can, be it with abs or without!!


Social media can be a very positive place, but also a very negative place too. Remember, you are you. Your body is different to everybody else’s. Its unique, beautiful, curvy, I could go on. At the end of the day, you wake up every morning to do the best for YOU, YOUR body and maybe your training plan. Live your life the way you want to, and enjoy it, because you aren’t on this planet forever.

A very honest post, and one I have felt very unsure and nervous about posting, but I hope you have enjoyed it.

Much love, you beautiful people.

Emma xx

Recent trip to America…

This year, like last, I ventured to the USA to stay with my high school friend and her husband. The 10 day holiday, part of my 2 weeks off work, was really needed and came at the right time! The lead up to my 2 weeks off, was a seriously busy one. What with work and outside life, running, social events and much more, I felt extremely overwhelmed and burnt out. Both my bosses and I couldn’t wait to get away and at this point, I was very glad I booked this trip!

I absolutely love traveling on my own and couldn’t wait to get on that plane and switch off. As well as catch up on basically every film I’ve missed since Christmas!…please don’t judge!!!! Once I landed, the fun began, and I couldn’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones!

Being the crazy girl I am, I signed up for two 5k races before my trip! Both for a good cause and both with sweet friends I’d met through instagram! I love running whilst I’m away, especially because I get to explore new trails, parks and enjoy being back where I used to live. I was asked by a few of my friends if I did any relaxing whilst I was out there, and yes, I did! I am a busy person and I like to be out and about doing things, fitness related or not. I did do a lot of Netflix watching and reading my book, which I look forward to the most when I travel. Burying my nose into a different world and getting lost in the lives of others.

Aside from running, I caught up with friends, saw a Yankee baseball game, explored New York City, ate donuts and THE most delicious cookies, and took a road trip to Washington DC – one of my favourite cities. Here we watched and Marines Corps parade and road bikes around the city at midnight. 

This trip was the best and I certainly didn’t want to leave. It kicked off, what is going to be a super fun summer, full of friends, family, more exploring and of course running! I can’t wait. 

Hope you’ve all managed to enjoy this beautiful and warm weather – although it seems to have disappeared at the moment! Let’s hope it comes back soon!

Emma xx 

Why I Run…

It’s very safe to say, that I still get super nervous before my long runs, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like that. I’ve just started to increase my miles, since my injury, and a few weeks ago, i ran my longest run – 8 miles. A huge step in the right direction, but also filled with anxiety, dread and fear. Fear that I’ll feel that pain again, the tightness and uncomfortableness, and reach a point where I’ll have to call it quits. 
I started out by telling myself I’ll run 4 miles. If I manage that and don’t want to do anymore, I won’t. If I have to stop before then, I’ll listen to my body, and do so. It was a beautiful sunny, warm day and I started off at a good pace. It felt comfortable and as the miles climbed, the anxiety, stress and worry started to fade away. I concentrated on my next 2 miles, and when I hit 6, I felt positive and strong to reach 8. As I neared the end of my final mile, and my house, a smile erupted on my face. I felt relaxed, strong and proud of myself for getting out and conquering this fear. Fear that I will fail.

This is why I run…To de-stress, release a build up of anxiety, think, face that fear, sometimes cry, but also because it’s something I truly love doing and have a humongous passion for. Every run, I learn something new. That I am stronger, and damn capable, of more than I think. Yes, there are going to be those bad runs, but there are also going to be great ones. I may have run a half marathon and everything may seem fine and dandy on social media, but a lot of the time it’s not. 
I’m very hard on myself but I’ve come to be more accepting of the bad runs and at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter! I’m not going to let a spreadsheet rule me. Right now, I’m enjoying getting back into them before my training starts again in a few weeks, for the Oxford Half. 

Your mind is strong, but you are stronger. Put aside those doubts, concerns and worries and just run. Whether it be with someone, a group or on your own. The support I have from friends, on social media and around me, is what I’m so grateful for. I’m super, super thankful for Charlie, who joined me for my second long run on Friday. I definitely wasn’t feeling our 5 miles together and my legs were tired. She said, whether it’s 1 mile or 5, we will do what we want. That reassurance/support, was definitely what I needed! 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, good luck with all your runs and please stay safe ❤️ All my love,

Emma xx 

Long Weekend Adventures…

My bank holiday weekend started off a little early, on Thursday night, when I joined Charlie at The Great House  launch party. This beautiful hotel, is located in Sonning with the Thames running right outside. They have recently extended/renovated part of the hotel, with up to date and gorgeous new bedrooms, and spacious events rooms, where you can hold parties, weddings and meetings. It was a really lovely evening filled with champagne, delicious food, a boat trip along the river, cuddling THE most gorgeous Dachshund called Lettice, and a nights stay in a very cozy room!

The next morning, we went out for a few miles along the river before breakfast. This was Charlie’s first run after the London Marathon, so we took it slow and enjoyed the scenery, including seeing part of George Clooney’s house!


The following day, was Tough Mudder day! A group of ladies I attend bootcamp with, including my mum, ventured just outside of Henley to where the event was being held! To say we were all nervous would be a lie…BUT we were ready and excited to go!
Our wave was 10.45am, and we arrived in plenty of time to register, drop bags, coat ourselves in sharpie and prepare ourselves mentally for what was to come! The atmosphere was immense, music was playing, there were many groups in different costumes/outfits and excitement was filling the air!

We took part in the half mudder! It was great to see everyone from different teams lifting, pushing and pulling each other over walls, through water filled pipes, mud, hay barrels and cheering each other on! We conquered 8km’s, 13 obstacles and were greeted at the finish line with some fab goodies and cidar! A huge accomplishment, by far, for all of us and I’m super proud of the whole team!


Sunday was another busy day! I headed to London with Charlie, where we attended Be:Fit Festival and ran the Hackney 5.5k! We both bought large amounts of nut butter, a few other essentials and got our hair braided! After a mooch around and playing on the Reebok swing, we headed to Hackney. This is where we met Charlie’s fiance, Tom, who was running with us!

We arrived, with less time than we thought and quickly grabbed our bibs, dropped our bags and headed to the start line! Before we knew it the gun sounded and we were off…I struggled with this run, I won’t lie. And Charlie did too…I felt sick the minute we started, it was warm and the middle of the day. I am not a day runner and this race confirmed that. I find it much easier to get up in the morning, either run fasted or have breakfast, then head out the door.
Regardless of that, I thought it was a good race, and I got a PB! (How I managed this, I have no idea!!) The course was interesting, with some unexpected hills and a headwind, but the support from the public was brilliant. If you’ve ever run a race, a 5k or a marathon, you’ll understand how much this motivates you to push through and keep going!! Into the park we ran and over the finish line – phew! We collected our medals, more nut butter!, and headed to collect our bags.


I said goodbye to Charlie and Tom and headed off to meet Nicky, for coffee and a chat! She ran the Hackney Half that morning, her first half marathon, and I couldn’t wait to give her a huge well done hug! You did amazing, well done again sweetie!!

It was then time to start my long journey home…I had the BEST weekend with friends, old and new. Feeling very full, content, happy and thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.


Now ready to conquer another busy week! I hope you’ve all had a great bank holiday weekend!

Emma xx