This week I was nominated by a lovely and inspiring lady, Lauren Barber, to take part in this fun way of meeting and following other bloggers! I’ve never heard of this ‘award’, so was super excited to read Lauren’s blog and participate in it! So here goes – 
1. What is the first thing you do every single morning? 
Stretch! Followed the usual bathroom visit, then downstairs for a glass of water! 
2. What is your favourite brand of leggings?
GAP! They are super soft and so comfy, I’m not sure I will convert to any other brand!! 
3. If you had to give up one thing out of cacao or nut butter…what would it be? 
Cacao! I can go days/weeks without it, but nut butter, definitely not! 
4. Tell me your most motivational quote. 
“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” Winnie The Pooh…this was posted a few months ago by another lovely lady I follow on Instagram, and it has really stuck with me. Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I reach for the photo on my phone and read it. Take a deep breath and remind myself I can do this. 
5. What exercise makes your mind and body feel amazing? 
Pilates, hands down! I feel relaxed, both in my mind and body, as well as stretched and feeling fabulous! 
6. Who is your dream blog collaboration and why? 
This is a hard one! I follow so many lovely ladies, who all have inspiring and beautiful blogs, but I have to admit Madeliene Shaw is my dream blog! Since day one, I’ve always followed her, constantly eat out of her book and find her to be such an inspiring lady. I’ve met her a few times and attended one of her yoga/brunch workshops, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and can’t wait to attend another! 

7. What is your favourite smoothie recipe? 
This is easy, as I only have one! Half a banana, 1/2 a cup of frozen blueberries, handful of spinach, 1 tsp nut butter, 1 tsp of milled flak seeds and if I need it, 1 scoop of Sun warrior protein powder. 

8. What made you start a health and wellness blog? 
I’ve had a blog for a few years, but it’s recently been abandoned as I lost interest in it, to be completely honest with you. It was about places I’d visited for afternoon tea, something I just haven’t had the time to do, and so got pushed aside. 
Then one evening, one of my nanny friends introduced me to her blog, and I suddenly got the buzz for it. So, with her help, I decided to take it by the horns and focus it on healthy lifestyle/exercise, something I am extremely passionate about, and that was that! 
9. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 
Another difficult one! I guess it would be to live my life to the full. Interestingly, no one has said this to me, it’s something I’ve realised through life experiences. For example, loosing my grandfather so quickly to cancer and regretting experiences I wish I had said yes to or participated in. 
10. Show me your selfie!! 
So now it’s over to you! I nominate Louisa,, and to answer the following ten questions…

Long bank holiday/Easter weekend

Snuggled in bed, catch up tv on and a cup of tea on my bedside table…perfect end to a busy day back at work. The morning alarm wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I’m still buzzing from the weekend, so I thought I’d let you know what I got up to!

The weekend started off with fabulous weather and a really lovely catch up with my uncle in Winchester. A long walk, chatting and lunch, was just what we needed.

On Saturday came the rain and a spontaneous coffee/catch up with a friend, then my favorite part of the weekend…a 5k color run!
I’m a passionate runner, and have been for the past 2 years. I started off by downloading the ‘Couch to 5K’ app on my phone, after being inspired by a girl I follow on Twitter. Ever since I have built up miles, and speed, which I’m quite proud of myself for, and continue to set goals. Sorry, getting side tracked, back to the color run…now the name says it all. “Who would want paint thrown at them, though?” my mum asked…well, its not actually paint, its colored cornstarch…cool, right?! Yeah, I had no idea either! We started off with a warm up and throwing packets of ‘paint’ at each other, then we were off! I went in wanting to beat my personal best, and that is what I did. I am really proud of myself for accomplishing it but most of all, I had fun doing it. All in all it was a brilliant event to raise money for a good cause and very well planned/organized, despite the gail force winds, hail, rain and thunderstorm that set upon us mid run!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, sleeping, another coffee date with a friend and catching up with my parents and family! Alongside a few Easter eggs, of course! Perfect way, to a perfect bank holiday/Easter weekend!
I hope you all had a fabulous one too. Now for some shut eye, before a new day begins.

Sweet dreams,

Emma x

Well hello there!

Hi everyone and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog/follow me!

Its been a while since I have written a post (I used to have another blog) and after reading my friends, I’ve been inspired to get back into it!
So, lets get started…as the name of my blog states, I’m an active girl and loving life. Running is my passion and something I have really gotten into over the past 2 years. I’m also a serious coffee lover and passionate baker/cook, so pretty much anything to do with food. You may notice quite a few posts will be about exercise/foodie events, so be warned! I adore spending time with family and friends, as well as traveling, photography, reading and plonking myself in one of many of my favorite cafes, people watching and drinking coffee.
When I’m not running or spending time in the kitchen, I work as a nanny…I love being with children, experiencing, growing and caring for them. Its always been a passion of mine and I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

That pretty much sums me up. I’m really looking forward to getting back into blogging, and hope you will enjoy reading/following me, as much as I do writing 🙂

Until next time,

Emma x